Amazing Loot Grind

Role playing games are among the more popular genres on the App Store. Unlike home consoles and PC games, several iOS role playing game feature a streamlined gameplay experience that makes more enjoyable on the go. If the streamlined experience of many of the more popular iOS role playing games is still not enough for you, you may want to check out a new casual role playing game that has been released today.

Amazing Loot Grind is a new casual role playing game developed by Star Penguin games. As the name implies, Amazing Loot Grind’s main focus is on loot, with players being able to collect over 1400 unique items. What makes the game different from other role playing games is the fact that all the more time consuming elements of role playing games such as dungeon exploring and monster battling has been removed completely. The game literally revolves around loot: players just have to open chests, get loot and equip it to increase their chances to get even better loot. Getting random loot has never been faster than this.

Amazing Loot Grind is now available for download on the App Store for free in all regions.



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