Welcome to Castle Kingdom, a new fantasy base management game! The Kingdom of Silverspire is under siege from the dragons and orcs, so it’s up to you to put a stop to their advances. Castle Kingdom is a lot like a fantasy version of Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. You’ll build a kingdom of your own, train an army, and attack other players and computer enemies through squad deployment. We’ve got a couple of base building tips and tricks right here in our Castle Kingdom cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

You’re probably very familiar with this genre of games so you know a lot, but even so there’s still some stuff to learn here. Let’s get started with our Castle Kingdom strategy guide!


1. Complete quests!

Completing quests is the number one way of keeping your diamond supply high. You’ll get diamonds for:

  • Finishing all of your daily quests
  • Completing ten regular quests
  • Completing any of the Achievement quests

Check back often as you will need to collect your rewards manually. You can also check up on which quests you can do next, as you’ll need to keep track of them yourself.

2. Plan your course of attack!

Send your heroes and squads through the most efficient route. Most enemy bases are setup in a way where you don’t have to take full damage if you’re smart about your initial positioning. Try to avoid as many towers as you can and go for the defenseless towers that give you more mana. Keep an eye out for those mana pools too! You can use flares to redirect your squads if they do stray off the path. Your squad AI is actually kind of flimsy, so they will often do this. Be ready with flares to make sure no one suffers an untimely death!

3. Complete equipment sets!

You’ll notice that the equipment screen is segmented into different rows. Each row pertains to a specific set. For example, the top row is the “Life” set. Gear in this category focuses on increasing your hero’s maximum health. Your heroes will gain additional bonuses if you equip them with gear from matching rows. Try not to mix and match equipment so that you can take advantage of these bonuses!

4. Upgrade your equipment often!

You can spend the red magicstone currency to improve your individual equipment pieces. Their stats will go up every time you do. You should do this as often as you can, as equipment contributes a lot to your heroes’ overall strength. Don’t worry about magicstones either. You will get back all magicstones you’ve used on upgrades once you sell that specific piece of equipment. You don’t need to save all of your magicstones for super rare equipment!

5. Be smart about your base design!

When designing your base, try to consolidate your base into one spot on the map. You don’t want to spread your structures all over the place like the computer enemies do. You’ll want to try to funnel your enemies and force them into fighting with your defensive towers. Place your most important buildings around your defensive towers!

6. Use the right spells!

You start off with a spell that create a red aura. We didn’t know what this spell did at first, but we found out that it instantly charges heroes’ special meter. If your heroes’ special skills are powered up a lot, you can do some serious damage by using this to allow them to rapidly use their skills. If you don’t have powerful heroes though, you might be better off sticking to the regular attack spells like Blizzard and Meteor.Castle kingdom

That’s all for Castle Kingdom. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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