Castaway Paradise has finally been released for iOS-powered devices and so far it seems like a pretty amazing game. Many have compared the game with the popular Animal Crossing title, and for all the right reasons, but Castaway Paradise still manages to remain a unique title with a lot to offer. But we’re not here to praise the game, we’re here to talk about some Castaway Paradise cheats and tips that will hopefully create the ultimate strategy guide for this extremely complex game.

So if you’re having problems making ends meet or you simply want to learn a few tips that will make your life easier in the game, then our Castaway Paradise cheats and strategy guide will surely help!

Learn where everything is on the island
Getting around the island is the most difficult task when you start playing the game, and you will have to do a lot of walking from character to character, so you’d better learn where everything is in the game to make sure that you don’t just wander around aimlessly wasting your precious time. Alternately, if you simply can’t find what you’re looking for, you can simply tap the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner to see more of the island. You can’t move while in this view, but you can see where items, buildings and quests are, so it’s extremely helpful!

How to easily catch bugs
Capturing bugs is not only a quest, but a fun thing to do that can prove very rewarding. Capturing bugs is extremely difficult though, but I have a simple tip for you: anticipate the direction of the bug, get ahead of it and simply position yourself in front of it. The bug will fly straight into you and you can easily capture it! Also, you can plant flowers to lure bugs and simplify your job even more!

Water frequently
One of the easiest ways to make some extra coins in the game is to water trees regularly and plant crops. Then shake the trees and collect the fruits, which can be later on planted or sold for a nice price at the market. I would suggest to build first a nice orchard by planting the new fruits that you get so that yow will always have a nice amount of trees to shake for fruits, and only afterwards sell them for a lot of profit.

Complete quests
There’s a little bug that I found from being overzealous: I have a quest that requires me to pick up the trash, but I had already done so. In other words, complete the quests and follow them without being too overzealous. You don’t want to get stuck at a quest, so make sure you don’t do something extra until you really know what you are doing and especially that what you did can easily be done again.

Connect your game on Facebook
If you do so, you unlock a bunch of great features, like the option to send and receive gifts and especially receive speed-ups from your friends.

Build up your own perfect island
There are little limitations when it comes to designing your perfect exotic island, and slowly you will build the island of your dreams in the game. Remove tree stumps first, because they are simply pointless and plant trees instead or just fill them up with dirt. Buy all the amazing things that get introduced to the game constantly and create your personal paradise, exactly as you see fit.

Water and leave
When you have a lot of water, simply walk around the island and water everything that you can find that needs watering. Each item has a timer and you’re losing time if you’re not activating them all as often as possible. Keep your speed-ups for later when you really need them!

Don’t forget to customize your home too!
You will get a ton of items from completing quests and you can purchase a ton more that can also be used to customize your home. Make sure you put them to good use and you don’t let them go to waste in your inventory!

Basically, Castaway Paradise is a free roaming game with a quest system that will keep you busy just for as long as you want to allow it to. Just play as you see fit and you’ll do just OK. And if you run into any kind of trouble with the game, come here and ask for help: hopefully somebody will be able to help you!


  1. Hey, I have no idea how to find red walking crabs. Angust send me on a quest to catch one and I’ve been looking for 2 days now and I can’t find one!!! Can someone please tell me if the crabs are in the water or on the beach somewhere or on land, tell me where they are usually located. THANK YOU IF YOU ANSWER THIS!!!!!

  2. its for amelia right? You have to buy a bananatree cause they will become palmtrees, than You take place wherever you wanz an Bug a whole with your shoffle than put the treebulbs in and Herr You go

    • Dig a hole. Plant the flower seeds, and water! You can also water the little seedlings placed around the island. Most of the flowers finish evolving around a minute.

  3. Im on a quest from Vitoria and she wants me to get two sunflowers and i don’t know where to find them! Do I plant them, grow them, buy them, or what?

  4. I got this quest from Viktoria to catch a blue flying squid but when I catch something it always turns out to be a fish, where can I find it in the water?

  5. It never told me how to use the fishing rod, I’m clueless. I tried several times but the fish always got away and it pops up in red last chance. Please someone tell me how to use this thing

    • When the fish is biting and the thing is going back and forth, tap the fishing rod icon again when the thing is in the green area and you’ll catch the fish. It gets smaller as time goes on so hurry!

  6. Hey x I have a quest to catch a spotted beetle but none are showing up on my island, is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait?

  7. Why when I catch this one fish???? That it’s won’the go to add or reel in, I can only quit game. It’s not frozen but almost is!!!!!


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