You don’t have to be a kid to love Cars, the animated series, and if you are like me a fan of Lightning and the company, you’re probably extremely happy with the launch of Cars: Fast as Lightning on the app store, an amazing racing game featuring all our favorite characters from the series and delivering some of the nicest graphics on mobile devices that I’ve ever seen. But we are here to share with you some Cars: Fast as Lightning cheats and tips to help you create the ultimate strategy for this amazing game. Because, in the end, it’s all about winning the races and doing it with style!

So if you want to know everything about the game, check out our Cars: Fast as Lightning cheats and tips below and you’ll become a PRO in no time!


Get a perfect start
Don’t tap the acceleration pedal as soon as the countdown begins. Instead, wait for it and tap it exactly when the GO message appears on the screen. This way you will get a boost at the start of the race and it can actually be a race winner!

Race tricks and boosts
You can add various tricks on the tracks to boost up your race stats, but you also have to make sure that you approach them correctly. Similar to the perfect start mechanic, you will have to tap the acceleration pedal at the right time and or swipe your finger following the indications on the screen. Not only that you will win extra XP points from doing that, but you will also get boosts to your speed if you perform them correctly.

Slow down when turns come
Whenever a major turn approaches, make sure to slow down. They are usually followed by a speed boost, so you can really increase your speed from slowing down! If you don’t slow down, though, you run the risk of crashing. Just make sure you only slow down when the most dangerous turns come, not every time a curve is approaching!

Win practice races
These give you the chance to win painting jobs and accessories for your cars. If you want to have a ton of customization options available in the game, Practice races is the way to go.

Keep upgrading your cars
Go to the garage in Radiator Springs and upgrade your cars to increase their power, and have more chances at winning extra races. You can only have one car at a time there, and waiting times increase with the levels, so make sure that you plan ahead carefully and upgrade all your cars constantly.

Help the Cars in the Town
When you are in the Town, you will see that the cars there sometimes get an icon above them. Tap the icon and send the cars to the place they want to be and you will earn free coins and occasionally, free diamonds. It’s an easy and fun way to boost up all your rewards.

Fill the city up with decorations
There are a ton of decoration spots in the Town and you should build them as soon as possible in order to earn even more coins. Make sure that you have a mix of quick and slow decorations: the quick ones give you less coins, but you can collect faster from them, while the slower ones give you more coins every time you collect.

Don’t spend diamonds on early tracks
Even though this is entirely debatable, I would suggest you don’t spend your Diamonds on the early tracks to buy decorations or other goodies on the tracks. Wait to get further in the game, where you will have more opponents and the tracks are more rewarding and invest a few diamonds over there to boost the XP points that you get from each race.

These would be our Cars: Fast as Lightning cheats and tips. If you have other suggestions, share them with us by commenting below!



  1. One of my goals is to use a boost in a race… For some reason I can’t figure out what I have to do. I know about the starter boost and then the boost with the tricks.can you also buy boosts somehow??


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