In a post-apocalyptic universe, only the most insane and powerful drivers rule the land! caRRage is a high-octane combat racer that pits you in the driver’s seat of destructive vehicles! Choose from a variety of cars, fit them with the best weapons, and race to the death in this extreme arcade racing game. We’ll help you take out the opposition with our caRRage cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Keep collecting weapons!


Even if you’re at maximum carrying capacity for your weapons, if you pick up another one, you won’t get more shots but you will get a “Charged!” bonus. The charged bonus is worth 15 experience points, so pick up as many weapons as you can! This also helps as it denies your opponents extra chances to wreck you!

2. Be liberal with your weapons!

Your weapons automatically recharge to their default amounts once you complete a lap, so don’t be afraid to use them. A well placed rocket shot or mines all over the track can mean the difference between winning and losing. Don’t forget about your boost! If you’ve taken a nasty crash or spin out, use your boost to quickly get back into the race. You can also use it to bring yourself ahead of the group faster.

3. Try to get ahead of the pack!

The hardest part of any race is the initial starting lap. This is when all cars are still packed together which means inevitable chaos. Your goal when you start a race is to get ahead of the group as fast as possible; once you’re a safe distance ahead, you won’t have to worry about getting rocketed by the other racers.

4. Upgrade your cars!

As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to upgrade a car fully before buying the next unlockable car. Your starting car, the Duster, is good for the first couple sets of races. Just be sure to upgrade the car itself to improve its performance, then make sure to improve its Gears to make it more sturdy.

5. Try out different control schemes!

We found that the default steering control scheme was a bit too unwieldy for us. We preferred the left and right arrow scheme. If the default control setting isn’t doing it for you, try experimenting with the other two settings in the control options. One of them functions like an actual steering wheel, and the other is the one we mentioned before – two arrows that turn you left and right.

6. Destruction derby!

This goes without saying, but destroying your opponents is the best possible action in this game. Not only do you get precious components that are required to upgrade your car, you also set your opponents back a couple of seconds which is invaluable during a race. You also get a lot of experience for it as well! Remember: if your weapons fail, remember that your car itself is a tool of caRRage! If you have powerful gears equipped, don’t be afraid to ram straight into your opponents!

That’s all for caRRage! If you have any other tips or tricks for slaying the road, please leave a comment below!



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