It’s the cutest battle royale game you have ever seen! Cardboard Clash is a new top-down battle royale shooter from the creative minds over at NetEase Games. Sporting Minecraft-esque graphics, Cardboard Clash is the perfect battle royale game for everyone who loves simple and charming graphics. Our Cardboard Clash cheats and tips will show you how to be the last one standing!

Do not let the cutesy graphics fool you – Cardboard Clash is a tried and true battle royale, so that means you need all of your wits about to win! Let’s get started with our Cardboard Clash cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Pick up the little blue gems!

Around the map are little blue gems scattered about. Picking these up will grant you a little bit of experience points, and once you get enough you will level up and be able to learn a new passive skill.

These skills are game changers, so you should try to level up as fast as possible. Stay on the hunt for the blue gems!

Go for the best gear!

Once you have a couple levels up on the enemies, you should start looking for better gear replacements. See those little notches in your weapon icons? That is the level of the weapon you have currently equipped.

This goes for your gear at the top right as well. The amount of notches is equal to the weapon or gear’s level, so you always want to find the good stuff.

The Dodge skills are very good!

Whenever you level up, you get to pick one of three skills of your choice. They all grant you helpful abilities, but the one we almost always pick when it is available is the Dodge skill. This skill grants you an inherent ability for attacks to simply miss you as if you are intangible.

The base level of this skill has a 15% chance to trigger, but it can be upgraded with further skill levels, and when you start stacking this skill you become a dodge master!

This skill has saved our butts many times in Cardboard Clash, which is why it gets our stop recommendation!

The Frying Pan is a reliable weapon!

Now, when you think of battle royales, you usually do not rely on your melee weapon as your main choice, right? Well here in Cardboard Clash, you might as well! The guns in this game run on energy, and each gun has its own fixed amount of energy.

When you run out, you have to wait for it to recharge. Some guns can only fire a few shots before they need to recharge, so you might end up in a sticky situation.

We highly recommend hanging onto a Frying Pan as your secondary weapon, as this thing is DEADLY. Getting close to people is the hardest part, but when you actually land a hit with it, the Frying Pan deals more damage than most of the guns in the game!

Couple this with the extremely helpful skill “Double Strike,” which as the name implies, lets you hit twice, you can become a Frying Pan master!

Look for Shield Chargers!

There are Shield Chargers scattered around the map. They look like little panels with white domes above them. If you stand on it, your character will start to generate a shield.

Shield are extremely important for survival in this game, as they can help you take way more hits than you would normally be able to. Find these chargers and stick around them for as long as the outside barrier permits!

That’s all for Cardboard Clash. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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