A new really unique game is going to be released in around one month on the App Store, a game that will combine features taken from two genres that no one dared to mix up until now.

Card Dungeon, currently in development by Play Tap Games, is a mix between a roguelike and a card game, with some boardgames features that make the mix even more unique.


Exploration in Card Dungeon is done in a turn based fashion. At the beginning of each dungeon, the player will have three cards, with the ability to use only one every turn. To get more cards, players will have to kill monsters and open treasure chests, choosing to swap cards or simply ignore the new ones. The card variety is going to be huge, with skill cards, item cards, trait cards and more. The different types of cards will also give players more options in battle and exploration, making Card Dungeon a more open roguelike experience.

Card Dungeon will be released on the App Store on October 1st. More details on the game may pop up later this month so stay tuned for all the latest news if you’re interested in this unique game.




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