It’s a high-speed pursuit in Car vs Cops, the newest driving game from our good friends at Ketchapp. In this simple one touch game, you’ll need to drive your car through hordes of police vehicles in an effort to see how long you can survive! It’s like a scene straight out of an action movie, so prepare to do some crazy stunts with the help of our Car vs Cops cheats and tips.

It’s all about slick driving, timing and some good old fashioned luck to win in Car vs Cops, so let’s get started with our Car vs Cops cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Enter combo mode!

When a cop is gaining on you, you’ll notice a faint white circle appear around you as the cop gets closer. This is what we call the “combo field”. So as long as there is at least one cop in the combo field, a blue gauge will start to build around your car. This is the combo meter, and once it fills up you’ll enter combo mode!

During combo mode, any cop crashes you cause will bump up your score multiplier by 1. Taking advantage of combo mode is the key to getting super high scores, so it’s best to practice tailing cops!

Unlock new cars!

You can purchase new cars from the main menu for 200 purple coins a piece. The different cars don’t have any new attributes, it’s all purely cosmetic. You can earn coins from a variety of ways!

The first and most obvious way is to pick up coins as you drive around. During a high-speed chase, you’ll see purple coins scattered around the field. Grab them if you can but make sure you don’t get swiped by a cop in the process!

The second way to is complete challenges. On the main menu, your current challenge can be seen at the bottom of the screen. You’ll need to do things like score X amount of points in total, survive for a X amount of time, and so forth. Completing these challenges nets you some coins.

The third and final way is to simply collect your daily rewards! Logging into the game for the first time every day will reward you with some coins for your daily reward. If you can log in for seven days straight, you’ll get lots of coins!

Try the different control scheme!

By default, the game is set to use the virtual joystick for steering. Wherever you tap on the screen, the joystick will appear and you can steer your car by rotating the stick. This method feels a little strange to us, so we prefer the second setting. You can select this mode by selecting it on the main menu.

The second setting allows you to steer your car by touching the corresponding sides of the screen. Tapping the left side will turn your car to the left, and so forth. This control scheme feels much more natural and gives you more control over your car, though of course your mileage may vary – excuse the pun! Try out both and see which one you like the most.


The longer you fend off those pesky cops, the more aggressive they’ll get. They’ll start to bring out the big guns, including armored vans, helicopters. They’ll even start launching missiles at you! Do your best to survive, and be sure to stay unpredictable. Don’t drive in a straight line for too long, unless you’re trying to start combo mode. Swerve in and out of vehicles to keep your movements sporadic.

That’s all for Car vs Cops. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks to dodge the cops, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Awesome game! Kinda addicting! Definitely a keeper, I hope the game maker can come up with future updates, maybe a change of map faster cars would be a plus! It be cool to own a cop car and be able to match the same speed as the cops or faster.


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