Captain Tsubasa, the legendary soccer shonen hero is here on mobile! Join him on his quest to become the ultimate soccer player in a faithful recreation of the Captain Tsubasa anime.

Captain Tsubasa Zero is a soccer simulator that puts you in charge of Tsubasa’s team as he grows as a soccer player. You will be in charge of managing and training the team, and our Captain Tsubasa Zero tips and tricks guide will show you how to get your team trained and ready.

Captain Tsubasa Zero is more about preparation and training than it is about action and reflexes. You will need to train up a lot, so let’s get started with our Captain Tsubasa Zero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to build the ultimate team!

Reroll as much as you like!

Captain Tsubasa Zero does something pretty nice in that it lets you reroll during the tutorial summon. During the tutorial summon, you are given an infinite amount of rerolls to help you get the player you want.

Unless you are a diehard fan of the anime and want a specific rare character, you do not need to worry too much about rerolling. You will always get a three star character, which is a pretty high rarity player. Just pick the one that looks the best to you!

Venture into the Special Exchange for good deals!

Occasionally after you complete a match, you will be alerted of the Special Exchange. It’s a limited time shop that only opens at certain times and the stock is changes every time it opens. One thing is for sure though: you can find some great deals in here on helpful items like training items.

When the Special Exchange opens, you should head in and try to buy everything you see. Certain items will be discounted, so buy buy buy! You cannot purchase most of the items anywhere else, and you need as many of the training items as you can get.

Activate Miracle Shot!

Matches in Captain Tsubasa Zero play out automatically in real time and conflicts arise and resolve on their own. The outcome of a match is largely influenced by raw stats: the more trained your players are, the better chance you have of winning.

With that said, you will learn that the one of the few active things you can do during a match is use the Miracle Shot. Once the meter charges up, tap the button to start a Miracle Shot combo. Your team will start a combo that ends with the player you pick performing a Miracle Shot, which is a near unblockable shot.

You can use it as soon as it is ready, but you can also use it defensively as well. If you notice that the opposing team is getting close to your goal, you can use a Miracle Shot combo to give your players the edge they need to get the ball away from your goal.

Train your team!

As we mentioned, player stats in Captain Tsubasa Zero are the difference between a win and a loss. You will need to constantly ensure that your team stays upgraded to give you the best chances of winning. The game’s tutorial is pretty heavy, so don’t fret if you didn’t really catch all of it – we will go over it here in more simpler terms.

The first thing you should do when improving a player is to do Enhancement. Tap and hold the Enhancement button and your Tsubasa-coins will start to drain, turning into experience points for your player. This increases their stats.

Then, you can use training items in the Training section. You will need to find these items by completing matches or buying them from the Special Exchange. Once you find all of a player’s training items, their Training Rank will increase, giving them a stat boost. You can do this up to a maximum of Training Rank 4.

Next, you can start with their Skills and Supports. Skill cards grant special abilities to your players. Skill cards increase player’s stats, and they can be upgraded to further increase stats. However, in order to make the skill itself stronger, you will need to fuse the skill with duplicate cards.

Supports simply boost certain stats, and they can be leveled up using any support cards. You do not have to fuse duplicate cards, although they will offer bonus experience.

Head into the Badge Matches!

Finally, the last thing you can do for your players is to have them undergo Evolution. Evolving a player increases their rarity, granting them another star, and dramatically boost their stats.

To evolve a player, you need a lot of Tsubasa-coins and that player’s badges. To get player badges, you will need to play the aptly named Badge Matches. Find the player you want to evolve, then play through their matches. Depending on the player, these matches can be quite tough, so be ready for a challenge!

Use Skip Tickets to farm training items!

As you progress through the main story, you will accumulate a bunch of Skip Tickets. These tickets allow you to instantly replay any level, reaping the rewards without having to actually play through the match, which saves you a ton of time.

Once you have gotten a few of these, you can use them to easily farm for specific training items. Just find the right level to farm and spend the tickets!

Try the Event Stories!

The Event Stories are special levels that are aimed towards helping you get specific items. The limited time events give you a shot at unlocking rare players, so give it a go when you have a decent team built up.

The Player Development levels offer levels that drop things for training up your players, such as special Enhancement items and EXP balls.

The Challenges are a set of tough matches. If you can manage to beat these, you will be rewarded with a special currency that can be exchanged for evolution materials and limit breaking materials.

And that’s a wrap! With that, you should be able to build up your team to the best they can be. If you have any other soccer playing tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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