Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a game that puts you in control of the Super Hero and allows you to use his powers to fight your way through hordes of enemies. The game introduces a strategic element where you can command your very own team to help you in battle. Read through to find what the best strategies are to progress through this game in this Captain America: The Winter Soldier Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide.

1. Objectives
Before you enter each stage you will be given a list of objectives to complete. In order to gain the most points it is important to adhere to these objectives. You can remind yourself of what these are by pressing pause and they will appear in the pause menu screen.


2. Consumables
Items such as health, grenades and other ammunition can be collected through each level however there is also a shop in which you buy these items if needed. Health is important, be sure to stock plenty of health packs as you are not only responsible for your own health but you are also in charge of replenishing your team members if they take too much damage. Keep in mind that they cannot take as much damage as yourself, so more often than not you will need to help them more than yourself in regards to health.

3. Research Center
The Research Center can be found in the main menu, and is used to customize your team members in order to make them stronger. This works by being able to increase their grenades (increase the amount of damage they cause), gear (increases their health and accuracy), and weapon.

4. Blue arrow
When progressing through a level keep an eye for the blue arrow that appears on the screen. This will help you identify which general direction to head towards. This is useful to look out for when given timed objectives as this will save you a lot of seconds.

5. Gold coins
When fighting your way through the game there will be some gold coins that will appear. It is important to collect these when possible as they will allow you to make purchases within the main menu and will help increase your overall abilities or at least your ability to customize your team members.

6. Play to your strengths
It is important to utilize your team member’s strengths. Each member you come across will have different abilities. When coming across a group of enemies it is best to decide a course of action. One main stay attack is to swipe the screen to enable Captain America to throw his shield. This is a very effective method in causing damage to the enemies, and is also the best technique to attack an enemy with a shield as it will momentarily disarm them. For enemies that are heavily guarded you can deploy a grenade, however make sure you stay clear as this can cause damage to yourself and your team.

7. Plan your attacks
The best way to successfully progress through this game is to take a few seconds each time you come across a group of enemies to plan the best way of attack. It is tempting to go and run straight towards them however if you use your team member’s strengths and abilities at the same time it will allow you to gain maximum points by keeping them out of harm’s way. Therefore before you come across a group, observe the amount of enemies there are and what weapons they may have. For example it is best to attack those with guns first as they are more of a direct threat to your team.



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