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Capsaicin Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom

Check out our guide to find out which toppings are the best to use for Capsaicin Cookie to make them stay in a fight for longer

Capsaicin Cookie was released in the Cookie Run: Kingdom Triple Cone Cup Begins update alongside Prune Juice Cookie. Capsaicin is a Super Epic fiery Cookie dressed in red, orange and black. He is available to unlock in the Cookie Gacha using cutters or Soulstones. Find out below which toppings would be best in the Capsaicin Cookie Toppings guide for Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Capsaicin Cookie Best Toppings

Capsaicin Cookie is a Charge Cookie who prefers the front of the team, where they can right in the middle of the action and deal the most damage. Capsaicin Cookie can use their power to cause lava eruptions and inflict damage over time and debuffs. They also have a bit of temporary immortality, which certainly comes in handy!

To increase the use of their skill “Capsaicin Magma”, one of the best toppings for Capsaicin Cookie would be the Trio Resonant Toppings introduced in the same update, giving higher stat value than their regular counterparts.

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Trio Searing Raspberry is ideal for this fighting Cookie. Searing Raspberry increases a Cookie’s ATK and would help increase the Cookie’s effectiveness in battle. Capsaicin Cookie will then be able to use their skill more during a battle.

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Another topping we recommend for Capsaicin Cookie is Trio Solid Almond. Just like regular Solid Almond, this buffed topping will give Cookies a increased damage resistance so they can stay in the fight for longer. A combination of Trio Solid Almond and Trio Searing Raspberry toppings would be a good choice.

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Now that you know the best toppings for Capsaicin Cookie, it’s time to get out there and put them to the test! If you have the perfect topping combination for any of the Cookies in your team, including Capsaicin Cookie, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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Capsaicin Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom