Penny and Earl have recently opened a new minecart tunnel in the mines of Prospect Canyon, and now it’s up to you to help them strike it rich! Canyon Crashers is an exciting new blend of the ever popular match-3 and endless runner genres. Ride your way down the chaotic mines of Prospect Canyon to collect precious gems with the help of our Canyon Crashers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Are you ready to set some new high scores and become rich with all of those fabulous gems? Then get ready because it’s time to share our Canyon Crashers cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.


Utilize the diamonds!

After your first run through the mines, you’ll unlock diamonds. These will appear every so often in place of a regular colored gem, and these act as wild cards; they will match with any other gem! Diamonds are very useful for keeping combos going or getting rid of excess gems, so make sure you use them as soon as they land in your minecarts!

Break open those power ups!

After your second run through the mines, you’ll unlock temporary power ups. They will fall into your minecart like any other gems, but they won’t be active until you break them out of their rocky encasement. To do so you must match gems that are directly next to the trapped power up. Once you do so, the power up is freed and activates. They are as follows:

  • Rocket Cart: Your minecart boosts forward at incredible speeds for a limited time. During this time all gems are immediately destroyed once they come in contact with the minecart. You still get points, but they are much lower than normal and your combo multiplier doesn’t go past 3x. This is probably the least useful of the power ups, as all it does is just score you minimal points for free for a couple of seconds.
  • Diamond Rush: This spawns a ton of diamonds for you. Probably my favorite power up, for reasons listed above!
  • Jackpot: Temporarily doubles the coins you earn from each gem. This is useful too!
  • Double Multiplier: Temporarily doubles your current level multiplier. Useful for high scores!

Make bombs when you’re in trouble!

When a column has 5 gems in it and another is added, the column is cleared and your minecart gets damaged. When you get three strikes, the game is over! During the later parts of your run, you will start getting massed with loads of gems, and you will find yourself swamped very quickly. Keep in mind though, if you match 4 gems, you’ll make a mini bomb. This blows up in a 3 by 3 pattern, useful for making some breathing space. However, if you match 5 gems, you’ll make the almighty mega bomb, which blows up in a full 5 by 5 space! This means if you drag the mega bomb into the middle of the minecart, you can clear the entire space. Do this when you’re in a pinch!

Don’t forget about your handbreak bombs!

Also remember that you can double tap to activate your hand breaks bombs. These destroy all gems in your minecart and slows down the speed for a couple of seconds. These are useful for getting your bearings from a constant rush of nonstop gems, so feel free to use them when you think you need to.

Be speedy!

The faster you clear gems out, the more your multiplier will increase. Do you see the multiplier at the top left corner? You have a couple seconds before it starts to shrink in size, before it disappears completely. If you manage to clear another set of gems before it goes away, the multiplier will increase and the time will reset on it. Clear as fast as you can to keep it going and score big!

Try out new minecarts (if you can afford it)!

You can buy new minecarts in the shop. Different minecarts have different abilities, so check which ones you’d like the most, and start saving up, because man oh man these things are pricey!

Watch some videos for some free power ups!

Need coins? Wrenches? Hand break bombs? There’s a button at the top left on the main menu that says a big capitalized obvious “FREE!” on it along with one of those items. When you tap on it, you’ll watch a 30 second advertisement for another game, then you’re rewarded whatever was shown when you tapped the button afterwards. If you’ve got some time to kill and you need power ups or coins, don’t hesitate to resort to this!

That should be everything, according to our Minecart Safety 101 guidebook. If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment below. I’ll see you in the mines!



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