Candy Crush Saga is that type of game that you say will never get you hooked – and it doesn’t until you play it. Then your life changes drastically and you become obsessed with completing the levels, beating the high scores of your friends and family and becoming the ultimate Candy Crush master.

For those that got really far, Candy Crush Saga has now, thanks to the latest update, a new challenge in store: two new episodes, the Pudding Pagoda and Licorice Towers, raising the level count all the way to 395. So get the wife, the kids and the neighbor’s dog and start playing.

In order to help you complete those tasks, you also have a brand new Cake Bomb blocker in case you need a fast clearance of the board, and if you speak Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak or Polish, you will be very happy to hear that the game now supports your language too!

Candy Crush Saga is still available as a free app in the iTunes store and if you didn’t play it yet, it’s time you do!


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