Candy Block Breaker is a brand new game from Gameloft, one that kept us busy quite a while here, challenging us to break as many blocks as possible in a frantic action game. If you want to last as many waves as possible, check out our Candy Block Breaker cheats and tips that will hopefully help you achieve that goal. It’s a bit easier than it might first seem at first, if you keep playing.

1. Start strong
A great start gives you momentum in this game and helps you easily get a ton of points. So make sure that you clear entirely the first waves and get all the possible power-ups. If you are lucky enough to get a flame/three balls combo, then you are on the right track and you’ll keep breaking the more difficult blocks easily later on. If not, try again!

2. Collect the power-ups
The action area is incredibly small and the “ball” (or however you wanna call that fluffy character) moves really fast, so you don’t really have time to collect power-ups and stay alive, but whenver you can – do it. Any power-up is better than no power-up, so just swipe like a maniac and get as many as possible. The best are, in my opinion, the “fire” power-up and the ball multiplier one. And hope that you’ll get to something similar to what I managed to achieve during one of my playthroughs:

candy block breaker cheats 1

3. Focus on staying alive
If early on, during the first 10 or maybe even 15 waves, you can think about collecting the falling candy and everything else, soon enough, the speed will be so huge that your only focus should be staying alive. There is not much tactics that you can talk about no, so make it last for as long as possible. If you manage to get a strong powerup, it’s perfect, because you will go further and further.

4. Keep playing
Sometimes, Candy Block Breaker is a game of luck and you really depend on the power-ups that you get. Sometimes you will be luckier than others, so if you keep playing, you will eventually get the right combos that will easily net you over 200,000 points. Yup, it can be done, so have fun trying to get there!

Do you have any other Candy Block Breaker tips for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!


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