The evil Gummy Bear King and his army are going to ruin the Christmas celebrations of the Candy Kingdom if no one stops him! Only you and your friends can stop him before it’s too late! Candy Blast Mania Christmas is a holiday-themed match-3 puzzle game. We’ll help you stop the Gummy Bear King with our Candy Blast Mania Christmas cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Take advantage of the bonus multiplier!


Whenever you make a match, neighboring candy pieces will gain a bonus to them. You’ll see a number next to the candy, like a two or a three. If you match those pieces immediately after, they’ll be worth as many piece as the number says. Be careful though – the bonus only lasts for one move, and if you don’t match them, they’ll revert back to normal candy pieces!

2. Use Sweet Spots!

Matching four candies leaves behind a sweet spot. They look like checkered green tile spots. Making a match on these tiles will result in that candy getting a +1 bonus all over the board! For example, if you match the blue candies over the sweet spot, every blue candy on the board will get powered up! Unfortunately though the one turn rule still applies so if there aren’t any immediate matches you can do, the candies will revert back to normal.

3. Utilize Sugar Blasts!

Matching candies in a “L”, “+”, or “T” shaped fashion will result in a sugar blast tile! These tiles, when matching candies on top of them, activate and shoot out a beam in a cross formation, matching all candies in the process. These are good for clearing out small sections of the board or when you to match a couple more candies.

4. Go for the ultimate Candy Scoop!

Matching five candies will create the almighty candy scoop, which is a rainbow tile. Whatever candy is matched on top of this tile will cause all candies of that corresponding type on the board be immediately matched! This is great for when you need a lot of a single kind of candy.

5. Try, try again!

Due the nature of these kind of puzzle games, sometimes you just won’t be able to clear a level on your first play through. It’s all because luck plays a big part; you might not get the right pieces to fall into the right spots, and you’ll just be dealt a bad hand. Don’t fret though, as energy regenerates over time and you can also use the time trick where you reset your phone’s clock. If you prefer the legit method, you can also ask your Facebook friends for help. Just keep trying!

6. Complete challenges to earn rewards!

Sometimes levels will have challenges at the bottom of the screen before you start them. Completing them nets you a key, and once you earn 5 keys, you get to open a chest full of power ups. Sometimes these challenges are external, where they ask you to download a separate game. You can go ahead and do these if you like, but we prefer to just do the in-game challenges, such as the ones that require you to get a certain amount of stars on a level.

If you have any other questions or suggestions on your candy filled journey, leave a comment below!



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