Can you Use the Aether Mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition? – Answered

Players around the world play Minecraft. It is generally accepted that the end of the game is the construction of a portal to the Nether and the defeat of the dragon. But what to do when you have already found every precious ore, visited all the worlds, and fulfilled the ultimate goal of the game? Then you should try to get to a new world called Aether.

Aether in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Aether is the opposite world to Nether. This world floats in the sky and consists of many different islands. There was a mod in Minecraft Java that allowed you to build a new type of portal. And through it, you could get to Aether. However, things are a little different in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Unfortunately, there is no working Aether mod for Bedrock Edition. But there is still a way to be in this world. There are several Aether Maps that will give you a new experience.

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Once you’ve downloaded and installed the map, you can finally get to Aether. But the floating islands are not all the changes. Also, new blocks such as different ore are added to the game. But some blocks just retextured. And the most important thing is the new mobs. In the world of Aether, you can find cute new big rabbits. The game also changed the textures of chickens, cows, creepers, cats, wolves, sheep. And finally, you can find or make new weapons. So, Aether is a completely new world that you should definitely explore if you consider yourself a fan of Minecraft.

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