Can You Turn Motion Controls Off in Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports, much like the original Wii Sports, is a collection of sports games that is made quite unique by the motion controls that power the experience. These controls may not be as accurate as traditional controls, but they make the game one that is very easy to pick and play even for those who aren’t much into video games.

Still, some players may prefer to play Nintendo Switch Sports with traditional controls. Is it possible to turn off motion controls in the game? Let’s find out.

Can You Turn Motion Controls Off in Nintendo Switch Sports

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Sports has been developed with motion controls in mind, and, as such, it is not possible to turn them off in any way. This makes quite a bit of sense, actually, because, without motion controls, the game would be a very basic sports game with little to no appeal over more complex sports titles available on Nintendo Switch.

So, if you want to enjoy Nintendo Switch Sports, you have no other choice than to get used to motion controls. They are not too difficult to learn, and they are way more accurate than those featured in Wii Sports, so you should have no trouble playing all of the sports competently after spending some time with Nintendo Switch Sports.

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Can You Turn Motion Controls Off in Nintendo Switch Sports


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