Can You Turn Down How Much Characters Talk in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained

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In-game dialogues are one of the things that were always used to improve the gameplay. Short talks during the game are mostly associated with something positive, but too many dialogues might worsen the gameplay. And it seems that Avalanche Software has overdone with conversations. Read this guide, and you will find out you can turn down how much characters talk in Hogwarts Legacy

Can You Turn Off Dialogues in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you head to the settings, you will find out that disabling in-game dialogues in Hogwarts Legacy is impossible. Therefore, you need to bear endless conversations if you want to enjoy the game. Or you can continue reading this guide and discover how to skip dialogue scenes.

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How to Skip Dialogues in Hogwarts Legacy

If you cannot stand endless dialogues, press the Y/Triangle button to skip the conversation. Even though this function has a few seconds delay, it allows you to skip most useless discussions.

The most typical mistake most people make is that they try to press the X button to skip dialogues. It works with plenty of new video games, but not with Hogwarts Legacy. 

And if you are annoyed with short replicas that the character says after each action, you can turn off the game sounds and enjoy Hogwarts Legacy in silence. Alternatively, turn on Harry Potter soundtracks and accomplish the wizarding atmosphere with beautiful sounds in the background.

That’s it with skipping dialogues in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though you can decrease the number of in-game dialogues, you can also use the Y/Triangle button to ignore them. Be sure it will save you plenty of time. And while you are still here, feel free to check our guide on how to get more Gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy as we as how to sell items to Merchants.

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Can You Turn Down How Much Characters Talk in Hogwarts Legacy? Explained


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