Can You Stop People From Leaving in Spiritfarer? – Answered


Stella the Spiritfarer has the important job of ferrying spirits to the afterlife, but what happens if she keeps them around? The ultimate aim of the game, and the only way to complete it, is to say goodbye and allow the spirits to pass on. This happens once Stella has finished tasks set by the spirits and kept them happy on their journey, so what happens if we want to keep them around for a bit longer? Can we continue to build bonds with them and allow them to stay in their houses?

Deciding to Keep Spirits or Say Goodbye

While the spirits are onboard Stella’s boat, they are actually really useful, so you may decide you are not yet ready to say your goodbyes and lead them to the Everdoor. Each spirit has their own unique personality, with likes, dislikes, and skills.

All Characters and Stories in Spiritfarer
Characters in Spiritfarer

They bring specific perks linked to their moods, for instance: Giovanni will gift Stella jewels when he is happy, and a neutral or happy Gwen will shop for fibres and threads, or harvest fibres when ecstatic. For these reasons, it may be beneficial to keep them around for a while.

Hugging Gwen in Spiritfarer

Some of the spirits don’t really have great perks that entice you to keep them around. For example, Elena just offers criticism, which doesn’t add much to the game or your progress, and Bruce and Mickey are pretty much just mean-spirited bullies, so it is best to send them off as soon as you can before they lower the mood of the other passengers.

Bruce and Mickey in Spiritfarer

Of course, sending the spirits off through the Everdoor unlocks events and helps you complete the game, so ultimately it is best to say goodbye. The game offers total autonomy, so the final decision is yours to make.

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Can You Stop People From Leaving in Spiritfarer? – Answered


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