Home Game Guides Can You Sell Items in Archvale? Answered

Can You Sell Items in Archvale? Answered

Can You Sell Items in Archvale? Answered
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Archvale is an interesting RPG in the bullet hell genre where the player will have to travel to different regions and fight with many enemies. On your way, you will pick up many different weapons, equipment, and treasures. But your inventory is not endless and, in this guide, we will answer the question of whether it is possible to sell items.

Can You Sell Items in Archvale?

Unfortunately, at the moment, you can only sell treasures to your merchant. This mechanic is not immediately clear to beginners, as exploring the world and defeating enemies, you will collect many different treasures. Looking at them in your inventory, you will only see their cost. But there is no description of how to sell them. Everything is very simple. In some villages, you can find a treasure merchant. Give him the treasure and he will give you bags of coins in return.

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However, this does not greatly solve the problem of inventory fullness.

Another solution can be found in the villages. In each village, there is a chest in which you can put all your unnecessary things. But do not think that you will have to return to a distant village to pick up something. All the chests in the villages are shared. So whatever village you are in, you can take your things. Also, if you have accumulated a lot of materials, you can craft something to free up space.

Now many players complain that they have a lot of unnecessary items and have nowhere to put them. So, we think that in the next updates, the developers will add the function of selling or disposing of items.

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Can You Sell Items in Archvale? Answered


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