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Can you play Voidtrain multiplayer?

Can you play Voidtrain multiplayer?
Image via HypeTrain Digital

After accidentally activating a strange gateway, you now find yourself in the mysterious Void, an endless expanse where the rules of gravity do not apply. The only thing at your disposal is a train, waiting for your command. Voidtrain is a steampunk survival crafting game where you must scavenge and explore to survive the Void. These types of games are always better with friends, so can you play Voidtrain multiplayer?

Does Voidtrain support multiplayer?

In Voidtrain, you will often find yourself hopping off the train to scavenge for crafting materials and supplies. Building up your train and adding onto it is one of the game’s core concepts, so naturally having more hands on deck can really help expedite the process.

We are happy to report that Voidtrain does support up to four player co-op. You and three buddies can man your own interdimensional train, design it as you see fit, and survive through the various gates of the Void. Traveling through dimensions is always better with friends.

Image via HypeTrain Digital

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Voidtrain is available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store, and the game is also cross-platform multiplayer compatible. If you have friends who own the Epic Games Store version, you can still play with them even if you own the Steam version, and vice versa. Not even different game platforms can stop the interdimensional train from crossing borders!

It should be noted that Voidtrain is still considered to be in early access, so you may encounter potentially game-breaking bugs. The developers have already launched hotfixes that take care of critical bugs like co-op players losing resources and quests not progressing, but there are probably more bugs abound.

Some players are also reporting unstable multiplayer connections that seem to be stemming from the game’s end. If this is all worrisome to you, it may be a good idea to hold off for now until the game gets more stable in the future.

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Can you play Voidtrain multiplayer?