Can you Play MyNBA on PS4? – Answered


Another year, another NBA 2K game. This year, 2K Games are bringing out all the stops for NBA 2K23, and one of the most advertised features is the revamped MyNBA mode. Players will begin their management careers all the way back in the 1980s, and change the history of basketball as we know it. Today, we’re here to answer the question: Can you play MyNBA on PS4?

NBA 2K23’s MyNBA Mode on PS4

Since its introduction a few years ago, the MyNBA mode has been one of the most well-received new features in the NBA 2K series. This time around, 2K Games are asking us to get a little philosophical by asking “What if?”.

MyNBA is now split into different eras, where players can go back in time and make decisions that can change famous basketball events. The earliest era is the “Magic vs Bird Era,” and after that is the “Jordan Era,” then it ends with the “Kobe Era”.

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If you’re a fan of the MyNBA mode from the previous iterations of NBA 2K, don’t fret, as there’s another era called the “Modern Era,” which plays exactly like the old versions of MyNBA.

So, with NBA 2K23 launching on multiple platforms, you’d expect all versions to have the same amount of content, right? Well, unfortunately, that is not the case. The new and revamped MyNBA will only be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game.

This is a bit of an odd choice, and we’re sure that many players aren’t going to be happy with this omission from the other versions. This seems especially odd for the PC version, as many modern PCs are much stronger than the PS5 and XBSX, in terms of raw power.

So, to answer the question, you cannot play the MyNBA mode on the PS4 version of NBA 2K23. If you’d like to try this mode out, you’re going to have to get either the PS5 or XBSX version.

We hope this article clears up any confusion around the MyNBA mode. If you have any other questions about NBA 2K23, let us know in the comments below!

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Can you Play MyNBA on PS4? – Answered


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