Home Game Guides Can You Play Coral Island On Steam Deck? Answered

Can You Play Coral Island On Steam Deck? Answered

Can You Play Coral Island On Steam Deck? Answered

The new IP from indie developers Stairway Games, Coral Island, is a laid-back farming simulation game that offers various unique characters. Gameplay features like farming, fishing, foraging items, romance and friendship options, festivals and special events, quests, and many other things—best enjoyed on a handheld console in the comfort of your couch or on the go to pass the time. Seeing that, players want to know whether you can play Coral Island on Steam Deck. 

Can You Play Coral Island On Steam Deck?

Yes! You can play Coral Island on Steam Deck, however, with limited control. The game doesn’t offer controller support, so the Steam Deck Joysticks are of no use while playing Coral Island. You must control your character and move the on-screen cursor using the trackpad available on the Steam Deck. 

Apart from that, there is no issue that we found with Coral Island on Steam Deck when it comes to general playability. The game runs fine; there were no crashes, though a little annoying as why even play on handheld if we can’t use the analogs? 

Coral Island can become fully playable on Steam Deck if developer Stairway Games adds controller support to the game’s PC version. If you have no problem playing Coral Island using the Steam Deck trackpad, you can play the game with no issues. 

However, for players, who want the perfect handheld experience, we recommend waiting till the game receives controller support. We will update this article when there is news on Coral Island Steam Deck’s full support or a controller support feature. 

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Coral Island is a farming simulation game available in early access on PC and planned for release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms. 

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Can You Play Coral Island On Steam Deck? Answered


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