Home Game Guides Can You Marry a Mermaid in Coral Island? – Answered

Can You Marry a Mermaid in Coral Island? – Answered

Can You Marry a Mermaid in Coral Island? – Answered

Coral Island is an incredibly addictive farming simulator released for PC and consoles, including Nintendo Switch. In the game, you have to create a character with a unique appearance and start building your farm. What to grow and what animals to breed is up to you. Moreover, the game has a large number of characters with which you can interact. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you if you can marry a Mermaid in Coral Island.

Can You Marry a Mermaid in Coral Island?

Coral Island is a game in which you will spend many hours enjoying the gameplay. Build your farm, plant plants, and harvest, or if you want, you can just breed bees. And that freedom of action extends far beyond your farm.

The game has many different characters. With each, you can interact to progress in the game. But Coral Island is also a life sim, so the Romance feature is available to you.

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Regardless of the character’s gender, you can start dating and even get married. Of course, this can only be done with certain characters, but there are enough of them, so everyone can find a mate. But what about Mermaids?

One of the activities in the game is diving. Exploring the seabed, you can complete quests and find useful resources. But most importantly, you can get into the Merfolk Kingdom. This is a Merfolk village off the coast of Coral Island. And in this location, you can meet 10 Mermaids with whom you can become friends. Moreover, with 2 Mermaids you can start dating and even getting married, namely Agung and Denali.

That’s all you need to know about the Mermaid Romance feature in Coral Island. We are looking forward to an update that will add the Merfolk village to the game. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to get Large Milk in Coral Island.

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Can You Marry a Mermaid in Coral Island? – Answered


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