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Can You Make a Glass House in Terraria

Can You Make a Glass House in Terraria

As in any other survival game, in Terraria players must build a house for themselves to store materials and hide from mobs. And since the game has a huge number of different materials, players can build absolutely any house. However, is it possible to build a house entirely out of glass? In this guide, we will answer this question.

Glass House in Terraria

Terraria has several features related to building a house. In addition to storing things and crafting tools, houses are needed for interacting with NPCs. There are a lot of different NPCs in the game, and only a few of them can be found while exploring the world. To meet the rest of them, you need to fulfill certain conditions and have suitable houses. For the NPCs to come, you need to have two chairs, a table, and lighting in the room. Also, the room must necessarily have a back wall. Now let’s look at what kind of Glass is in the game.

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In Terraria, players can use the Furnace to craft Glass from any Sand. This Glass can be used as blocks to create walls, ceilings, or floors. It is also a material that is needed for many other recipes. With Work Bench, you can turn your Glass into a Glass Wall. Thus, you have all the materials to build a real house. NPCs will also be settled in it like any other house. We recommend building such a house at a sufficient height, as it will look very beautiful against the sky. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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Can You Make a Glass House in Terraria


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