Can You Get Pets In Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

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Hogwarts Legacy pets were one of the most widely discussed features before the game’s official release. Nowadays, many players are still in search of the answer if they can tame animals in this game. Read this guide, and you will find the answer to all these questions. We will discuss whether you can get pets in Hogwarts Legacy and other valuable information. 

Pets in Hogwarts Legacy

As shown during the trailers, Hogwarts Legacy features a pet system. However, it significantly differs from other video games. In this game, you cannot tame an animal like a cat or squirrel and have it like your companion, but you can catch animals to raise them.

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Once the animal is caught, you can interact with it in different ways. You can feed and share love with animals just as you wish. Moreover, every animal you catch will be saved from dangerous poachers.

How to Catch Animals in Hogwarts Legacy

Catching animals in Hogwarts Legacy can be unlocked by progressing through the storyline. You will get your first experience with animals after attending your beasts class with Professor Howin. He will even allow you to face a real Hippogriff. 

After completing the quest ‘The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom,’ you will be able to explore the open world and catch animals yourself. You only need to approach the animal and then use a nab-sack to catch it. After that, head to the Room of Requirement and let the animal out here.

That’s it with pets in Hogwarts Legacy. Even though the game doesn’t feature a classic pet system like most video games, it includes close interactions with animals to diversify your in-game experience and save their lives. And while you are still here, feel free to read our guide on ​​how to get a broom and fly high in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Can You Get Pets In Hogwarts Legacy? Answered


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