Can you delete Brawlers in LEGO Brawls? Answered


One of the most interesting aspects of LEGO Brawls is that you can create and customize your very own Brawlers using the pieces you’ve acquired from the Champions you’ve collected. And although you can only save as many as 10 different custom Brawlers, sometimes you can simply decide to discard one and start all over.

There are thousands of different customization options that players can choose from as the game allows anyone starting from scratch to create a brand-new character with the pieces they’ve collected. So can you delete Brawlers in LEGO Brawls? We’ll be answering that in this guide.

Can you delete Brawlers in LEGO Brawls? Answered


LEGO Brawls is designed in such that players are not allowed to delete a Brawler just like that. Rather, what you need to do is start from the beginning by resetting the Brawler. It’s not a very complicated process and works just as easily as deleting a Brawler would work if it was doable, but with a minor difference.

Below is how the reset process is done:

  • To reset a Brawler, you’ll want to head to the Brawler section from the LEGO Brawls main menu.
  • Next, go ahead and hover over the Brawler that you’d like to delete.
  • Once you’re over the one you’d like to delete, click the button that corresponds with the pencil icon to edit the Brawler.
  • On the Brawler customization page, just like how you built the Brawler in the first place, you’ll want to choose one of your Champions to build off from.

This is the only known method that allows you to start a Brawler from default, which is like a restart. As aforementioned, the game does not allow players to delete Brawlers entirely.

Another way you can reset a Brawler that you’ve been working on if you’re still in the customization screen is to click on the Reset tab in the bottom left corner and reset them to how they looked initially when you entered the customization screen.

Note that you can also randomise, redo, and undo the appearance of Brawlers. And when you’re done working on your Brawler, simply click the checkmark to save all your changes.

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Can you delete Brawlers in LEGO Brawls? Answered


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