Looking to change your character’s voice in Hogwarts Legacy, but don’t know whether you can do that or not? In this guide, we answer that question and explain how you can change the pitch of your character’s voice in Hogwarts Legacy

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Can you change your character’s voice after starting the game in Hogwarts Legacy?

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The answer to this question is both yes and no. When customizing your character before the start, there are two attributes to select: Voice Pitch and Voice Tone. While you can change your Voice Pitch in Hogwarts Legacy even after the character customization phase has ended, you cannot change the Voice Tone attribute

The Voice Tone option is only available at the beginning of the game during character customization. At that time, you must decide between tones one and two, which determine whether your character sounds more traditionally masculine or feminine. 

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Once you have selected the Voice Tone, you are presented with the Voice Pitch slider that allows you to set how low or high your character’s voice must be. 

So, if you selected the wrong Voice Pitch or feel like you should change it later, you can navigate to Settings > Audio Options, navigate to the Pitch option, and use the slider to set your character’s pitch. 

And this is why we mentioned earlier that the answer is both yes and no. If by character voice you mean the pitch of your character’s voice, then yes, you can change it. But if you mean the tone, and how traditionally masculine or feminine it sounds, you cannot do that post-character customization. 

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That concludes our guide on whether you can change your character voice in Hogwarts Legacy after the character creation phase ends. 

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Can You Change Character Voice After Starting Game in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered


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