Can You Buy Ether in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Answered

an ether from pokemon

One of the most valuable restorative times in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl is Ether. This item restores 10 PP to one of your Pokemon’s moves. PP is the points individually given to all moves. These points determine the number of times a move can be used in battle. Think of it as a moves battery power. When a move’s PP is depleted, it must be restored either with an item or at a Pokemon Center. This makes Ether a very desirable item to have on hand, but can you stock up on it?

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How To Get Ether

Sadly, Ether has never been something that you can purchase at shops in the games and that probably will not change. It is a rare item that you find in specific locations throughout the Sinnoh region, such as Eterna Forest and Mount Coronet. Because of this, it’s important to save the ones you find. A wise choice would be to reserve them for when you get to the Elite Four challenge because you will not have the chance to heal between battles there. Even if you brought items to keep your teams health afloat, a Pokemon whose PP has been depleted by long battles isn’t going to be very helpful. You can see a circled example of PP amounts in this Monferno’s profile below.

A Monferno's moveset in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

How To Manage PP

It’s important not to pick too many overpowered moves when it comes to what you teach your Pokemon. Having Fire Blast and Thunder in the same set is strong, but seeing as both only have 5 PP each, it’s not practical. Flamethrower is just as strong and it has 15 PP, so choose your moves wisely. That way, you won’t actually need a lot of Ether.

You can find an Ether at these locations:

Stark Mountain

Eterna Forest

Route 210 North

Route 215

Route 220

Mount Coronet 2F

Mount Coronet 4F

Keep in mind that you can’t purchase Ether, so make sure to hold onto the ones you do find!

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Can You Buy Ether in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Answered


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