I’ve been playing Clash Royale way more that I should’ve since it was launched globally and I have already managed to get good progress in the game, but there is one thing that really annoys me and resulted in many lost battles: connection problems and the red signal that tells me that I have no WiFi, even though that is not true and everything else is working flawlessly. Another Clash Royale problem that I have been dealing with a lot lately – but not as bad, although still annoying, is the game getting stuck at the loading screen at 50%.

Both problems encountered are, obviously, extremely frustrating: the first one because it results in instantly lost battles and therefore trophies, and the second one because it doesn’t even allow me to log in to the game and get my chests, unlocks and… well… play this amazing game! Here is how both errors look like, in case you don’t know what I am talking about. The first one is the “bad connection” or “wi fi connection problem” or whatever it’s called:


clash royale connnection problemsAnd the second is the screen that I get to stare at for ages every now and then:

clash royale stuck at 50So is there a way to fix the Clash Royale connection problems and get rid of the message that tells us that we are losing Wi Fi signal, even though we are not? I am also on a particularly good home internet connection and anything else works fine. I even tried playing the game on my iPad and surfing the internet on my iPhone when the connection problem appears, and the phone worked fine. Which is really odd.

Supercell themselves try to address this issue, posting this on their official website:

“For a smooth Royale experience, it’s important that you are connected to a reliable network, and that your device’s signal is strong. Full WiFi bars or mobile (cellular) data coverage alone is not always enough to guarantee solid connection, as local networks can slow down, getting overburdened at times. This is especially true if you play in a moving vehicle or on underground public transport. As with any other online service, we recommend playing over WiFi with a dependable Internet service provider, or at least a solid 3G/4G connection with a reliable carrier.”

Of course, this doesn’t help much.

One of the things that did help in my case was switching from my home Wi Fi signal to a mobile network (4G). For some strange reason, the game works nice on 4G and I manage to get rid of the connection problems that way. Of course, 4G is in most cases not free, so this is not a long term solution.

Most likely the servers of the game are being flooded right now and that’s the number one cause for the Clash Royale connection problems and stuck at 50% loading, as well as other connection-related problems. I am sure that Supercell will address these and we’ll be able to fully enjoy the game. Until then, try my 4G connection solution and let me know if it works.

Also, if you have another suggestions – or more suggestions for fixing these problems, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.



  1. Oh well. I found another person who has the same problem with the wifi connection. I thought it was my router. But unfortunately it is not. I still didn’t find a solution for that. I don’t think there will be one because in my opinion it’s supercells fault. So all we can do is wait till there is a patch.

  2. I just started having this problem today and it’s got to the point where I don’t want to play anymore because I’ve lost 150 trophies going From 2000 to 1800+. I even tried using my phones date and that seemed to work for the most part but it didn’t last long until I started seeing the lost signal pop up again. So I guess it’s bye bye royale until they fix this.

  3. I’ve been facing the same problem and it is quite annoying. Things seem to get better at certain times during the evening, but during the day I am finding it nearly impossible to ever load the game. Very frustrating. I hope they patch this up quickly. Any updates on this are greatly appreciated.

  4. Has anyone found a fix? I’m having the same issue myself, having a perfectly good internet connection with wifi but the games keeps telling me I have no connection, even after loading in to the main screen. Any updates?

  5. Same issue here. When I connect to WiFi, the game lost connection frequently. After I switch to the LTE network, it never lost connection. My WiFi network is in good working condition. This fault is on the developer’s side. Hope they can fix this bug soon.

  6. My game has been running very smoothly for over a week and i haven’t encountered any problems until just now. I join the game and I go to 50% then 78% then it slowly climbs its way to 100% and when I attack it does the same thing and by the time it finishes loading, I lost. My perfectly good WiFi and 4G donesn’t work with clash royale. The only way for Supercell to fix this is if they create more servers so that way a milllion people aren’t trying to join in at once

  7. The 50% is when you cannot connect to the server, if you are on wifi with Proxy (most likely your job wifi) you might not be able to connect at all due to the firewall settings. I also get disconnect on my home wifi…

  8. Having the same issues.. When on wifi I lose connection every time even tho my wifi signal is full and I do have a great speed connection but for some reason when I play on mobile data (3G) I dont get the red wifi signal as much

  9. Having the same issues. Loose a few rounds because connection issues. It sucks because my only option is quit the game then restart it again.

  10. I get weak connection problem and lost few games even on 4G connection. That sucks, supercell. It has nothing to do with connection but your server or program bugs.

  11. Same issue here. COC works perfect under my wifi,but Clash Royal always shows bad connection sign. I just lost 120 trops. Sucks!

  12. this is pathetic… all you people including me are having the problem but supercell is doing nothing about it.
    it was a waist of time and data.. so ill just Unistall this stupud game and move on to the next. think ill take the walking dead.

  13. I think I’ve found the issue… you guys can try disabling IPv6 from your router or android phone… it works fine after i disable it

  14. I had same problem. I have slove the problem. My phone installed VPN app, then I uninstall the app and restart my phone. The problem solved.

    • Well i did install VPN and it works but i have to connect vpn while playing the game and if i dicconect it i cant log in the game lol

  15. Same “connection problem” here with iPad. Problem fixed by disabling bluetooth headphones. All other apps works good with bt headphones so suspecting that some software coding issue in Royale :(

  16. Im having the same issue. As you mentioned its not my connection because i have full bars and everything else works perfectly fine. This issue makes the game unplayable.. i lost connection in 2 out of my last 5 battles…

  17. Same problem, also tried surfing the web on my iPhone while playing on the iPad. Same response. I think you might be right about the surge of new users

  18. i face these network problem when my trofies are high even my network speed is high enough but then also when i was attacking it delay my troop attacks much frustating i thinks its supercell stragedy to stop person form achiving higher trophies so only one who purchase their card can go further for high trophies

  19. I’m using 5g rogers wifi and i still get this problem how am i supposed to to anything with this. This is very annoying, I have dropped from arena 4 all the way to arena 2.

  20. I just installed the game and cant even get passed the 50 percent screen. I’ve reset my phone and wifi and reinstalled the game several times. Nothing works. And I have IOS

  21. well for a start, at last if we lose connection, don’t make us lose the matches and bleed trophies!! just un-validate the match!

  22. There is a new problem I found. Since the update I’ve been playing and doing good I’m in areas 7 now and one day I try to get on ad it gets stuck at 50% and says updating… and never goes away. everyone else in my clan are able to play and they are a mixture of android and iPhone users. I’ve tried turning on and off my phone restarting my phone and still nothing happens. I also have 4G band full bars when I’m trying this

  23. I have a same problem with my game also.. Stuck 50%. Please anyone there can tell us how to fix it. Since last night i can’t play.

  24. I have this problem on and off for mths. Either not loading ([email protected]%) or delays and or wifi signal appears during a game making me loose trophies. Ive been waiting for a bug fix for mths and im still waiting. My home wifi is strong and my iphone has full bars with data addistance on. I also try with just 4g and that doesnt work. But wait here is the best part, my partner can play on his ipad next to me perfectly fine sometimes when this is happening, or he cant play and i can. This is not a home wifi issue this is a super(not so super) cell issue.

  25. Hi i have this same problem but witch clash of clasn and know how fix it.
    Problem is in router settings he have dual band 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz and that is problem iphone signal overriding from one to the other and then signal lost. I set to me router only one zone 2.4Ghz and that is all my problem is out.
    My eng is bad, perhaps you understand and solve the issue.
    Let me know when help.

  26. Hi I have a same issue too, when I’m in arena 3 and my trophy is about 1000+ in my account, when I’m playing in the morning I got bad connection and pop’s up the wifi signal icon just like in clash of clans, but in clash of clans my wifi is stable and I play straightly than in clash royale, when I’m attacking my opponent, the red wifi icon pops up and I cannot deploy my troops when I’m defending my opponents troops, the result…I lost, I try this many times but it’s repeatedly again and again and I drop 3- 4 defeats so my 1000+ trophies that I gain hardly now it turns into 903 trophies,…that sucks, I have a 4g globe pocket wifi and my wifi connection is very good but in the clash royale its totally weak connection. So please leave some tips that how I can play this game smoothly without bad connection, please comment now I need to climb in arena 4 and higher.

  27. Supercell sucks!!!!! All the sudden I cannot get the game to load past 50% on home wifi. I used the Help and Support feature and said my IOS is up to date, plenty of storage on iPad, rebooted router, uninstalled and reinstalled and when I log in using another wifi network I am now at level 2. They didn’t even read my request as they copied and pasted that I should update IOS, check storage, reboot router and reinstall. Jackasses have yet to reply that I just want my account restored and two days later,,,, NOTHING.

  28. Yes. Getting fed up with poor connection. Please invest in upgrading your connection. Very annoying. Going to play Pokemon Go more often now.

  29. Same wifi loss problem here, and it only happens during battles. It’s a bug on their end and they obviously have no intention of fixing it since it’s still there. Never have any connection loss problems with any other games.

  30. i just have this problem just today, its just stuck in the loading screen, same with Clash of wifi speed is good, i can browse internet and download fine.

  31. Had the same 50 % stuck issue all of a sudden….
    However when i went to setting and scrolled down to CR, found allow clash royal to access mobile data disbaled. Ensbled it and its all fine now

  32. I found a way to make it work.

    Step 1 – turn off wifi then log into the game with 4g

    Step 2 – turn wifi on while your still logged in

    Step 3 – send gifts to the player sir gainsalot

  33. in my case (using orange livebox):
    – setting firewall in low level
    – loading 100% ok clash royal
    – re-setting firewall in custom level

  34. This is ridiculous, my elixir takes forever to load while the opponent is dropping characters left and right super fast. Causes me to lose a lot of games. Very upsetting I have spent a lot of money on this game. They need to fix this!

  35. I have been playing a little too much in last 2 weeks. I play off and on certain days. I found after a little while of playing this consistently happens. I noticed this pattern each day I played a lot. If it’s a bug- it occurs after playing for a certain period of time then it should have already been addressed by supercell. And when it kicks in you have to switch alt connection to continue anymore for hours if not the rest of day. I really get irritated when I’m doing rather well and then I loose big the rest of day. If there is a battle limit per day then that should be posted. My wifi is NOT the issue. Nor is any wifi I have been on. All other equipment works well. And I started checking wifi to see if that was a problem,NOT it. Friend is it guy-it’s not my end! Really fed up with this…

  36. Same problem here i have perfect wifi and very good wifi and i havealmost lost every game since the problem started, i was floating around at 3600 and now im at 2750

  37. Same here i had a good wifi ,but my account stop at 50% and unquote cannot be connect connection problem,,what a f… Please supercell do something…thanks

  38. All of a sudden (the last 1.5 weeks) my games freezes mid battle randomly. Out of 5 games it will happen 2-3 games. It starts off as lag than completely freezes. I’m on a Samsung S7 Android device. The only way to get it working again is to close the app and go back in and by that time your towers are gone. I’ve dropped over 500 tropies because of this.

    It’s happening on both WIFI and 4G. I’ve tried uninstall/reinstall with no joy.

    Please fix supercell! I’ve spent money on gems for this games which have gone to waste!

  39. I have a solution. At least this is what I did.
    Give the game(or any game) some chances, make sure your internet connection is good, launch the game, do a training or two, if everything is working fine, you can now go battle. So, if everything is working fine, but you have issues while you are in battles, you shall now remove the game. “Abso-obviously” it is not your problem, it is the game itself. Goodbye and play other games. Don’t let this little crap ruin your day. There are many better games out there. They don’t want us who don’t spend $$ in game :) I couldn’t find any possibility I had those connection problems, except Clash Royale itself gave me all the issues. I was playing CR and chatting on FB and everything was smooth on FB, smooth when I was chatting in clan, but got problems when I was in battles like WHY WHY WHY? Might it be any bug from any player or CR itself? hmmm this is not my problem, so I am not going to figure it out. I will juz quit and I had done it :)

  40. Be sure you’re not using a VPN. I had to turn mine off to play. Now my android devices will not load the game at all. Gets to 50% and then says Updating… and never goes through. Tried everything I can do. Removed battery, rebooted, uninstalled and left the devices off for 2 days. Still nothing….

  41. It’s not your wifi or the server. I get the red flashing thing and I watch while my opponent continues to drop new troops and destroy my castles. Meanwhile, I’m powerless. If I can continue to watch my opponent play, then I am still connected to the server, which means my connection and the server are working. I read on another forum that Supercell does this on purpose, but I don’t understand why.

  42. Well, I am in Royal Arena and I have been trying hard to get up to Frozen Peak, possibly even Jungle Arena. I made a good deck, and I am so close to winning when the red signal appears. Suddenly, I have lost about 28 trophies, when I was so close to winning.

    I think the problem is that there are SO many people playing on the servers. This game, after all, IS the most downloaded app on the app store (I think). The servers may as well be lagging because there are so many people online.


  43. It’s because there’s another device working PC or mobile on the same router take all the speed from the router even if the PC or mobile not in use and you can fix this by close the other devices or try with static IP for your device

  44. I am experiencing same problem with all supercell games, CLASH OF CLAN, BOOMBEACH and CLASH ROYALE. Everytime i play lately i always encounter connection problems. I called my internet provider and all is well according to them because i can surf the web without any problems. So supercell fix this problem please cause its so annoying when everytime i try to play during WARS you always disconnect me.

  45. Goodness, I hate this issue. Today I was easily going to win a match in Frozen Peak, but my Wifi lagged and I lost. I checked the connection again by surfing on my PC and it was completely fine. Because of this my highest trophies is 2483 and my current is 2292…SUPERCELL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

  46. I got a question. How come this doesn’t happen to any of the CR pros. I mean they probably use the same internet’s means as any other normal Claus royale player but still don’t have issues like this this being pros. I’m sure there would be PLENTY of guys here who would be at a really good trophy amount if there connection was solid the whole match.

  47. My game is stuck at 50 %and it’s showing updating……….I can do all other things like surfing and any other thing smoothly….so there is no network problem…it has been two days ….cant decide what to do.

  48. I recently started playing Clash Royale and these issues are getting on my nerves.

    Got to roboot my device every other day because it gets stuck at 50% loading.

    And the disconnection problems are just ridiculous, after a month staring at the red no wifi icon every few games, it now changed into, “you have to sign back in to continue” message. Sometimes this happenes 3 times on a row.

    I have a $300 gaming router that’s build to game over wifi, I have no problems playing on wifi with the heavyest games on my computer and I have no problems with other games or apps on my smartphone, except with this game.

  49. I reset my phone and download it again and it’s not working .I trying download it 5 times and install it but it’s doesn’t working

  50. I have a perfect inert connection but I don’t have data. I go through spectrum . But when I go to a friends house who has direct the problem goes away. Is this a coincidence.

    • No coincidence. It has something to do with spectrum. I have been trying to figure it out for 3 months. If you subscribe to TV and internet with spectrum, there isnt an issue, but as soon as i dropped my cable service and only have internet….live games either dont play or they lock up. Its not a Supercell issue. It is Spectrum. I have a current work order in for them to try to fix it. I have replaced modem router combo with separate modem and router. I have connected my new equipment to a friends internet and had no problems. I have used other phones, different manufacturers and different cell service providers, none of that matters. It is an isolated issue with spectrum. Hopefully i can get to the bottom of it.
      Also just a note….Spectrum sends codes to my router that disables wifi completely. I have to call in and have them reset my router, i cant do it thru the app and fix it, because they habe to change the coding on their end.

  51. Clash royale
    just stopped working for me on the 4th of July but now it’s still going and I made my own clan I don’t want it to go to waste and also plz join it’s called the active clashrs

  52. Clash Royale uses non default internet port (TCP 9339).
    You cannot play it on Free Wifi on Restaurants, Train, School, Office, Libary etc.
    all they blocking this by default.

  53. I actually found a simple solution that worked for me. I downloaded vpn 360 and am using the free one and it fixed the issue completely. I hope this helps

  54. I still have a problem now Full wifi speed, full lte speed, everytime i go into a game my game freezes at 86% and wehen i come in the game i lost the match 2vs2 and 1vs1
    I tried everything.



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