Can Swinub be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Can Swinub be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Have you ever tried playing an exciting and admired game Pokemon Go? It is based on a popular animated series. Nowadays, Pokemon Go is slowly losing its popularity; to avoid a fall and attract the fans’ attention, the developers have decided to create different types of Pokemon. For example, multiple Pokemon (like Bulbasaur, Slugma, and many more) can be shiny. If you want to know what other Pokemon can be shiny, keep reading this guide!

Pokemon Go: Can Swinub Be Shiny or Not?

Swinub is an Ice-type and Ground-type Pokemon. However, it has a lot of weaknesses (for example, Fire, Fighting, Grass, Water, and Steel). Originally Swinub came from the area which is called Johto. Do you want to evolve it into Piloswine? We have great news for you then: it is possible; still, it will cost you twenty-five Swinub candies.

If you are excited to discover whether Swinub can be shiny, here is the answer: yes, this Pokemon can be shiny. So, the fans have the chance to locate it! How to understand whether Swinub is shiny? You will get it right away because of the color: the regular Swinub is brown. Still, once you face a shiny one, its color will be green! Have you succeeded in obtaining one? Great, then you have all the chances to evolve it into Piloswine and Mamoswine.

We wish you good luck finding a shiny Swinub and having a great time playing! Enjoy!

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Can Swinub be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered


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