Can Spinarak Be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

a shiny spinarak in pokemon go

Spiders are normally not everyone’s cup of tea, but thanks to the power of art, they somehow become adorable. This is true for Spinarak, the Bug/Poison-type Pokemon introduced back in Generation 2. This little arachnid will spin its way right into your heart, and best of all it’s available in Pokemon Go. However, the question is, has the shiny variant been added to the game? There’s never a bad time to collect a new shiny, especially with Spinarak, where the rare version has a significantly better color than the normal one. Here is how to know if Spinarak can be shiny in Pokemon Go.

Where To Find Shiny Spinarak In Pokemon Go

A shiny Spinarak standing on the grass in Pokemon Go.

There’s no rhyme or reason to how Niantic adds shinies in the game, but it seems to depend on certain factors. Shiny variants are extremely rare in the game and it’s very difficult to find them outside of events with boosted rates. However, with a Pokemon more common like Spinarak, your chance to find one is better compared to something that’s rarer in the wild.

How Spotlight Events Work In Pokemon Go

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Spinarak recently had a Spotlight event in the game. Spotlight events are similar to Community Day events where one Pokemon appears more frequently in the wild for a specific time window. They’re usually on a smaller scale but have the same aspects as Community Day. During Spinarak’s Spotlight Hour, Spinarak didn’t have a boosted shiny rate, but LeekDuck, who shows what shinies are in-game, shows that Shiny Spinarak is indeed in the game, it’s just a matter of if you can get lucky enough to find it.

Shiny Pokemon are definitely a testament to a smile from Lady Luck in terms of their rarity. If you can find a Spinarak spawning nest, you may have a chance to find one, but it’s never guaranteed. Should do, count yourself as lucky because it probably won’t happen again.

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Can Spinarak Be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered


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