Can Hoppip Be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Shiny Hoppip

Hoppip in Pokémon GO

Hoppip debuted as a part of the second generation of the Pokémon franchise in Pokémon GO. Hoppip is quite well-known, being an old Pokémon that originated in the days of Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Though not known for being too powerful, there were a lot of trainers that loved this cute little Pokémon and its evolutions.

Not the greatest in terms of battling, Hoppip has considerably low base stats and is not one for battling. For this reason, Hoppip and its evolutions have been quite underappreciated throughout the years, and people focusing exclusively on battling would rather just ignore this Pokémon.

Despite these shortcomings, collectors and fans have been clamoring to know if they can acquire a Shiny version of Hoppip in Pokémon GO. The answer to that is of course… a resounding yes!

Shiny Hoppip in Pokémon GO

Despite Hoppip being around since the second generation of Pokémon GO, its Shiny version was introduced only recently. With spawn rates for Shiny Pokémon generally being very low, collectors were initially pretty dejected in the beginning.

This was until the recent announcement came up. The announcement stated that Hoppip had been announced for the next Pokémon GO Community day, scheduled to take place somewhere in February 2022. As it is with most of these events, the spawn rate for Shiny Pokémon goes up, much higher than normal, making it the perfect time for collectors to scour the grasslands for this cute little misfit!

While raids and field research rewards are decent methods for finding Hoppip, a Shiny variant would be more likely to appear as a wild encounter in the grass. Players are excited at the prospect of finding the pleasant green version of this charming grass Pokémon in the winter months. We wish you happy hunting!

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Can Hoppip Be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered


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