Can Eternatus be Shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield? – Answered

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The Legendary Poison/Dragon type Pokemon Eternatus, introduced in Generation VIII, appeared in the climactic battle in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Commonly known in the lore to be the source of the Dynamax phenomenon taking place in the Galar region, Eternatus plays a huge role in the Generation VIII games.

With that being in mind, many players may want to know if you can get Shiny Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Let’s talk about it.

Can Eternatus be Shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Eternatus appears once as a storied encounter at the climax of the game’s plot, appearing through the Energy Reactor.

Like many other encounters—especially Legendary ones—throughout the various Pokemon games, Eternatus is shiny-locked as well.

What does Eternatus being shiny-locked mean? It simply means that you cannot get a Shiny Eternatus in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can only catch a non-shiny Eternatus.

The Pokemon Company has made such decisions with other legendaries in the past as well, and has made their shiny versions available through future games. It is likely that TPC will give the same treatment for Eternatus in future games, as it is a very popular legendary that players would love to shiny hunt for.

While this may seem unfair, sometimes that’s just how the cookie crumbles. It is quite humorous that arguably the coolest looking legendary Pokemon (Eternatus) cannot be shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Nevertheless, all Pokemon players can do is hope that subsequent Pokemon versions add in the possibility to get a Shiny Eternatus. Until then, keep working on that Pokedex!

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Can Eternatus be Shiny in Pokemon Sword and Shield? – Answered


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