Can Diglett be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered

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Shinies are one of the greatest treasures you can find in any Pokemon game. Even if it is a Pokemon that isn’t particularly your favorite, running into a shiny is a blessing that should be valued. Diglett, the Ground type Mole Pokemon’s rare form has a pretty purple nose instead of its usual pink one, making it a sought-after shiny. The question is, can you get it in Pokemon Go?

How To Find Shiny Diglett

Dugtrio from Pokemon

Recent events proved that yes, you can absolutely find Shiny Diglett in the game. This is because when Diglett was featured for one of the Spotlight Hour events in Pokemon Go, the event advertised that the rate of finding its shiny form would be increased for the time window of the event. With this, we definitely know it canonically exists in the game. You can still find a shiny Diglett when playing outside the event, but it would take a lot longer than if you were to do it in an event where the shiny rate was increased. If you really want one, the best thing to do is to wait for Diglett to have a Community Day, where the shiny rates will be increased once more.

Also, if you manage to randomly find a shiny Diglett, pat yourself on the back because that’s very lucky.

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Can Diglett be Shiny in Pokemon Go? Answered


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