All January Pokemon Spotlight Hour Dates and Times For Pokemon Go

plusle and minun from pokemon

With a new month comes the reset of Spotlight Hours in Pokemon Go. Spotlight Hours are very similar to the game’s Community Day events but are done in a smaller timeframe. On designated days, one specific Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild for a few hours. There will usually be a bonus for catching them, such as increased candy or item rewards. Here are all the Spotlight Hours for January 2022 in Pokemon Go.

Every Spotlight Hour For January

The first one will be on January 4th and will feature the Psychic-type Solosis. Solosis evolves to Duosion with 25 candies and Duosion becomes Reuniculus with 100 candies. Included with this Spotlight is a transfer bonus that lets you get more candy when you transfer copies of the Pokemon. With this, instead of getting one candy when you transfer it, you would get two. You need candies to both level up a Pokemon and teach it new moves, so definitely take this chance to stock up. If you’re in the market for a strong Pokemon to counter Fighting types, this is a good choice.

The second one will be on January 11th and feature the Ground type Diglett, which evolves into Dugtrio. The chances of finding a shiny Diglett will be increased, so this is the time to hunt for one now. The bonus of this day’s event will be a doubled Stardust catch reward.

The Electric type twins Plusle and Minun will be the last two Spotlight events of the month on separate dates. Both of them will have increased shiny rates. First up will be Plusle on January 18th. For that day, the bonus will be a doubled rate of candies earned when you catch copies of the Pokemon, so you would get 6 per one caught instead of three. Minun’s event will be on January 25th, with how many candies you get when transferring a copy doubled, just like Solosis’s Spotlight.

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All January Pokemon Spotlight Hour Dates and Times For Pokemon Go


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