Can Bergmite be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Can Bergmite be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular products in the Pokemon series. This is an AR game developed by Niantic and it provides players with very immersive gameplay. There are lots of Pokemon you may want to catch and the developers are adding them with updates. We are going to see a special event related to Winter Holidays and there will be a new Ice-type Pokemon. This guide will tell you about this creature that is called Bergmite and its shiny version availability.

Bergmite in Pokemon Go

Bergmite in Pokemon Go is a new Ice-type Pokemon that is going to be added with the new event. This small creature is very tough and it is able to evolve into Avalugg. It has good Attack and Defense stats but low speed. Lots of players would like to catch this creature into their collection and they would also like to know about its shiny version.

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How to Get Shiny Bergmite in Pokemon Go

Shiny versions are special variations of standard Pokemon in Pokemon Go. They are quite difficult to encounter. You will need to find as many Pokemon of the species you are interested in as you can and hope that one of these creatures will be shiny. There are lots of players who like to hunt and collect different shiny Pokemon and they would like to catch a shiny version of the new Pokemon as well.

Bergmite is a new Pokemon that is going to be added to the game with the upcoming event and there is no official information about its shiny version. Also, we can say that it won’t be added as there are lots of older Pokemon that haven’t obtained their shiny version yet. So, the shiny version of Bergmite is likely to be added later.

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Can Bergmite be Shiny in Pokemon Go?


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