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Call of War Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

The ever popular browser game Call of War is finally here on mobile! Now, you can enjoy World War II era battles featuring actual vehicles and units from the historical battle. Players will take control of one of the nations in an attempt to conquer provinces and build up the economy. Will you become a superpower?

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Our Call of War tips and tricks will show you how to plan ahead and ensure that your provinces stay equipped with all of the latest gear!

Call of War is a long and drawn out game, so be prepared to fight until the very end. Let’s get started with our Call of War cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Listen to your advisers!

Call of War is a very complex and in-depth game, so often times you may find yourself lacking direction. Just take a quick stop at your advisers post, which can be accessed by the button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Here, you can sort by categories of adviser suggestions. Their advice is often very spot on, so do not brush it off! They will focus on aspects of your army that have not been secured yet.

Expand outward!

Your first order of business is to expand your reach across your region. You will have one starting zone that has all of the basic structures, including Barracks, Fortifications, Infrastructure, and more. You will be able to construct most of the early game buildings and units here, so be sure to reinforce it.

After you have gained some traction, it is time to start expanding. Start off with Barracks in the adjacent regions, then you will be able to expand on that by building the advanced Production and Construction facilities.

Keep in mind that a majority of the advanced facilities often require literal DAYS to finish building, so you will need to plan ahead.

Research lots of units!

There are tons and tons of units to discover and utilize in Call of War, but you will need to research them first before you can recruit or build them. You start off with very basic infantry units, but you can unlock more by Researching.

Researching costs some resources, but it also requires you to have certain buildings upgraded enough. You can check the details on each unit page.

One thing to note is that most units’ research options actually are not even available right away. You will notice that some of them have the “Available on day:” note on their page. Just as it says, you will need to wait until that many in-game days have passed before you are able to construct the unit. You need to plan around this as well!

Use the Provinces button to get an overview!

Call of War is a rather slow paced strategy game, so it means that most of your success relies on whether or not you are prepared for certain situations. To further your conquest of the region, you will need to ensure that you are expanding as much as possible. But it is a bit of a chore to manually go through each of your provinces, right?

Thankfully the game has a built-in feature where you can view all of your provinces and how they are doing.

You simply need to tap the button at the bottom, and it will show you all of the provinces, how many resources they have and are generating, and if their queues are busy at the moment. This is fast and easy way to keep track of your provinces’ status – use it often!

The Market has some good deals!

If you want to be a good diplomat, you need have a good grip on the Market. The Market tab in Call of War is actually player driven, so every player can put their goods for sell and set the selling price.

If you ever have an abundance of one kind of resource and you are low on something else, try selling it.

Do not just put in on the market with the default price – you need to be smart and try to play the market. Try to buy your resources low and sell your own goods high, and soon you will be overflowing with resources.

Use espionage to scout out the areas!

If you feel that danger is inevitable or your neighbors could be plotting an attack against you, it might be time to use some spy tactics. If you are willing to spend some gold, you can use espionage to reveal armies, lower morale, destroy resources, and other dastardly attacks.

You can actively hinder an enemy if they are approaching you, or you can use information to prepare for a potential attack later on.

Know your units!

Each unit in Call of War has a purpose, so you cannot just swarm your opponents with a bunch of infantry and expect to win. No, you must be tactical and use the right units. For example, you do not want to send infantry into a province filled with motorized infantry, which do 4.0x damage to regular infantry.

If you look at a unit’s profile page, you can see their attack and defense stats against different types of attack. Study up – you will need this knowledge when it comes time for war!

That’s all for Call of War! These tips and tricks should keep you ahead of the game, and if you have any other tips to share let us know in the comments below.

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