If you are curious to learn what all of the possible cards in game are, then you came to the right place, because we are going to give you the complete Call of Lophis cards list, so that you can know what each of them do!

There are three types of cards in the game: Attack cards, Skill cards and Item cards. I am going to keep them all grouped, so you can find them much easier, and I will tell you what each of the card stars give, so you know which ones are better to upgrade first!

So if you checked out our game guide, then you will know why that is important, but you will also learn a few tips and tricks to help you deal with the encounters much easier, so make sure you check that out too!

So, without further ado, here is the complete Call of Lophis cards list:

Call of Lophis – Attack cards


– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 6/9/12 physical damage and apply 1 Wound


– Cost: 0 Energy

– Deal 5/7/9 physical damage


– Cost: 2 Energy

– Deal 14/18/22 physical damage


– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 6-10/10-14/14-18 physical damage

Shield Attack

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 5/7/9 physical damage, gain 3/5/7 armor

Poison Dagger

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 6/7/8 physical damage and apply 1/2/3 Poison


– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 8/12/16 physical damage


– Cost: 0/1/2 Energy

– Deal 2-4/5-7/10-12 physical damage to every enemy


– Cost: 0 Energy

– Deal 3/5/7 magic damage and apply 1 Burning

Life Drain

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 6/8/10 pierce damage


– Cost: 0 Energy

– Deal 4/6/8 physical damage, add a lvl 1/2/3 Chase to your hand

Sleeve Sword

– Cost: 0 Energy

– Deal 4/6/8 physical damage, gain 1 counterattack


– Cost: 1 Energy

– Temporary, deal 6/8/10 physical damage

Throw Rock

– Cost: 0 Energy

– Randomly discard a card, deal 26 physical damage


– Cost: 1 Energy

– Cast for 1 turn, deal 12/16/20 magic damage and apply 1 Burning


– Cost: 0 Energy

– Deal 10/25/40 magic damage to all roles, including yourself

Quick Shot

– Cost: 1/2/2 Energy

– Deal 7/14/21 physical damage, if you have no cards, draw a card

Double Shot

– Cost: 1/2/2 Energy

– Deal 6/12/18 physical damage and then deal the half physical damage to a random enemy


– Cost: 1/2/2 Energy

– Deal 10/18/26 physical damage and apply 1 Wound. It can’t be dodged

Wind Blade

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 6/9/12 physical damage, draw a card

Secret Wind

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Repeat for 2/3/4 times, deal 1 physical damage, for each attack card in your hand, repeat times +1

Secret Power

– Cost: 0 Energy

– Deal 6 physical damage, physical damage +1/2/3 for each card you played this turn

Poison Cloud

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 4/6/8 magic damage and apply 1/2/3 Poison to all enemies

Inject Poison

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 1 physical damage and apply 3/4/5 Poison

Blood Blade

– Cost: 1 Energy

– Deal 10/14/18 physical damage, if target is wounded restore Health equal to the half physical damage

Since this is a rather lengthy list, we had to divide it into multiple pages in order to make everything easier to follow. So simply use the navigational buttons below to browse through the pages and see all the cards available in the game.

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