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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update Patch Notes: QXR Weapon, Grind Mode and more

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update Patch Notes: QXR Weapon, Grind Mode and more
Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update patch notes
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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update Patch Notes are finally here. The Season 13 Battle Pass will be based on the Winter War theme. As teased earlier by Activision, the upcoming update promises a wide variety of new features and changes to the game, including a new Nuktown Russia map, QXR weapon, Grind mode, and much more.

Along with this, the Ranked Match Season S8 is also set to begin with the COD Mobile Season 13 update, and it will feature Fennec-Midnight and Reznov-Winter Wood (new epic design) as a reward.

However, the official release date and time of the Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update hasn’t been revealed yet. The official patch notes of the update have been disclosed so far.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 Patch Notes

Image via Activision

New Ranked Match Season 8

The new season of Multiplayer Rank mode will run from December 2020 to January 2021.

​New Season Reward

  • New Epic Design: Fennec-Midnight
  • New Epic Soldier: Reznov-Winter Wood

​​New Weapon: QXR

  • QXR is a stable and reliable personal defense weapon. It features an enhanced exclusive gun perk that allows you to change the fire rate to match different combat styles.


New Mode – Grind

  • Objective: In the new Grind gameplay mode, players have to collect enemy dog ​​tags and send them to storage for points.
  • Available maps: Nuketown, Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, Summit, Scrap Treatment Plant, Rust, Hackney Yard, Nuketown, and Russia.

​New Mode- Cookie Check Kill

  • For Christmas, you can play a special 10v10 check kill mode!
  • Available maps: Crossfire, firing range, Takeoff, Meltdown, Rust, Tunisia, Terminal and Hackney Yard.​

New Map – Nuketown Russia

Introducing the Nuketown Russia map. Play the map during the Winter War season.

  • Available modes: Front line, team deathmatch, occupation war, main base, confirmation kill, grind, etc.

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​New Map – Raid Holiday

  • Available modes: Team death match, search and annihilation, occupation, main base, confirmation kill, etc.


  1. BK57-Elite front handle: Promotion handle for easy recoil control with high operability is added.
  2. Razorback-Rapid Fire Perk: A perk that greatly increases the firing speed is added.
  3. New basic appearance system: Do you not like the appearance of the gun with the attachment changed? With the new Basic Appearance System, the gun’s original appearance is preserved even with other attachments attached!

​Battle Royale​

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  • New Mode – Blitz Battle Royale: Meet Battle Royale, a fast-paced survival competition for 10 minutes. Dive to a random spot on the map with the accelerated version of Classic Battle Royale and win in less than 10 minutes.
  • New Vehicle – Snowboard: You can acquire snowboards in Battle Royale as a new vehicle. Press a hot key or try using it from your backpack. The snowboard is equipped with an accelerator, so it can function in the snow and can be used on other grounds, even at slow speeds.
  • Reloader transformation: Equip the reloader variant to automatically reload other weapons in the backpack.

Map Improvements

  • Ski Town has been transformed into a true ski resort with 4 lifts and 4 slopes added!
  • The town can be reached using lifts located at outposts, nuclear power plants, dormitories, and Heat.
  • Ski slopes lead to cold wetlands, nursing homes, nuclear power plants, pastures, dorms, and hits!

​Improvements and optimizations

  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to switch to a grenade or secondary weapon at the start of a match.
  • An issue where the player could not fire at enemies behind the broken glass when applying the simple fire mode has been fixed.
  • An issue where players were sometimes unable to fire after being hit by a shock bullet has been fixed.
  • An issue where the item list at the bottom of the acquisition list is displayed at the top in Battle Royale mode has been fixed.

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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13 update Patch Notes: QXR Weapon, Grind Mode and more


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