Call of Duty Mobile is an amazing game for mobile which can be played 100% as a free to play game. However, it does offer you the chance to spend some real life money if you want to via the Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus.

And in today’s article I want to talk a bit about both these passes and see whether you should buy them or not. Because if we can say one thing about them, that is that they’re not cheap!

CoD Mobile Premium Pass vs Premium Pass Plus

As I was saying, there are two types of passes available in CoD Mobile: the Premium Pass which costs 800 CoD points ($10) while the Premium Pass Plus costs 2,000 CoD Points ($25).

The Premium Pass’ main purpose is to give you more and better rewards as you Tier Up during a season. These rewards (if you get them all, that is) have a combined value of over 40,000 CoD Points. Which does sound nice.

You also unlock Elite Tasks, which are basically extra tasks that you can complete in order to increase your tier faster.

The Premium Pass Plus gives you everything that the Premium Pass gives you, but it also throws in 25 free tiers. So if you’re buying it at Tier 10, you’re taken immediately to Tier 35 and so on.

Are these passes worth it?

The truth is that the rewards that you get as a free to play player (without a pass) are pretty much useless.

On the other hand, the Premium Pass has some nice rewards, from unlocking Ghost to getting a ton of extremely useful stuff along the way, including some Battle Pass Crates that hold some amazing rewards inside.

You will also earn CoD Points: you actually get 800 of them if you manage to reach tier 93. This means that if you get there, you can basically get a new Premium Pass for free if you don’t spend any of the earned CoD Points.

Of course getting all the way to Tier 93 is not easy and most people will probably not even get close. But those who are really dedicated, play a good game and manage to complete all the missions on a daily basis will definitely stand a better chance at getting there.

Even without the CoD Points and the prospect of a free pass, you stillg et some really nice rewards, including special weapons with special attributes. For example, you get the M4 – G-Series from the beginning, which increases movement speed for a while after respawning.

There are also various other weapons that you can unlock with a pass, as well as various cosmetic items and regular credits. So there’s definitely some value here.

But to answer the question – whether the battle pass is worth it or not – the answer depends on how active you are:

If you are a casual player, playing every now and then (or even daily, but not very hardcore), you can probably still enjoy the game without it.

If, on the other hand, you’re a diehard fan of CoD Mobile, the Premium Pass will definitely make your life easier and allow you to get a ton of customizations in the game. You will unlock better weapons faster and you’ll gather credits and CoD Points faster as well, so this could prove to be useful.

But the Premium Pass is not something that I would consider a real game changer. Not really a “pay to win” situation here, so you won’t be left behind a lot if you don’t get it. Which is both surprising and amazing.

Back to you now: did you get the Premium Pass in Call of Duty Mobile? Let us know why you chose to get it (or ignore it completely).

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