Call Of Duty: Heroes

Call Of Duty: Heroes, the strategy game based on the Call of Duty series now available on the App Store in all regions, has received a brand new update earlier today which introduces new content to the game.

The first major addition of the new Call Of Duty: Heroes is a new hero that fans of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare will surely recognize, Gideon. The character will be able to use his Exo-Cloak and Sentry Turret to deal some heavy damage to enemy bases and more.

The new Call Of Duty: Heroes update also includes improved supply drops with better rewards and the ability to be called more frequently. A new inverntory system has been added, allowing players to save items for when they need more more. Plenty of other improvements and additions are also included in the update.

New Hero: Gideon
– Deploy and control Gideon from Call of Duty(R): Advanced Warfare on the battlefield!

New Killstreaks for Gideon:
– Avoid detection and infiltrate the enemy base using Exo-Cloak
– Neutralize enemy troops and defenses with the powerful Sentry Turret

Introducing Supply Drops
– We’ve supercharged the Heli-pad to now provide Supply Drops with much bigger rewards
– Call in supplies multiple times per day to win random resource, boost, shield, and Celerium rewards
– Several tiers for each reward type including ultra-rare top prizes

– Added an inventory system where your Supply Drop rewards and other items are stored for use when you need them
– To get you started, enjoy the free gift pack you’ll find in your inventory!

Leagues Improvements
– Each league tier now provides a bonus for every PvP win on top of the collectible daily bonus
– Move up the league ranks to earn major resource bonuses to supplement what you loot from your opponent

Other Improvements
– PvP matchmaking now prioritizes Reputation first while still within a min/max CC range
– Increased PvP win Reputation bonuses for higher CC levels
– Increased all existing Alliance War rewards and added Skill Points
– Implemented clear Survival leader board tie breaker rules: now factors in base integrity percentage

Various bug fixes and optimizations

Call of Duty: Heroes is now available for free on the App Store.



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