Call of Duty: Heroes Network Error Plagues the Game’s Launch


Activision launched their own take on the Clash of Clans strategy genre with ca Call of Duty-themed game, Call of Duty Heroes, and apparently they weren’t ready for the popularity and huge traffic that this game received as soon as it launched worldwide, which is pretty strange because we all know that CoD is one of the best selling games every year.

Either way, the game is now plagued with a Network Error message that doesn’t allow people to connect and play the game and it will probably last just a little bit longer, until interest cools off a little bit or Activision decides to inject some extra horse power into their servers. People who get this Call of Duty: Heroes Network error see a message like the one I have posted in the photo attached to this article, and the text says:

“Please check the network connection. A network connection is required to play the game. Tap to Retry.”

In my case, the error didn’t allow me to even start the game once and, funny enough, it came just after CoD:Heroes finished downloading some game files. Which means that there’s no netowrk problem on my behalf and everything works just fine: I can play other online games and surf on the internet.

This means that the wave of players that have downloaded and played – and are still playing Call of Duty: Heroes today simply took Activision by surprise, together with their game’s server. Which means that there’s not much you can do on your end to make the game work, rather than wait for a fix to this solution from Activision themselves.

However, you might want to make sure that indeed the Network problem is not from you: normally, if you can surf the internet, it’s not your problem. Also, try to completely remove Call of Duty: Heroes form your device’s cache (after quitting the game, double tap the home button and swipe the game’s window up or down) and restart the game: it might work. If not, just wait a little bit until the developers sort this problem out.

I certainly am aching to play this game and I am sure that the same can be said about you. Do you get the “Network Error” when trying to play Call of Duty: Heroes? Have you managed to find a way to fix it?

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Call of Duty: Heroes Network Error Plagues the Game’s Launch


  1. Same thing across my 5S and iPad….keep getting a data error when I try to do anything in the game. Doesn’t matter if I try a new account or my regular.

  2. I’ve been playing this game since Christmas. I really enjoyed playing. Even spent $40 on it. Now all of a sudden it won’t let me connect. Keeps saying network error. Very mad.

  3. I started having problems getting on cod hero’s on Monday, February 16th, and it is now Wednesday February 18th. I have only been able to connect twice during this period, and only for a short while. I left a message with my alliance about my issues. Come on Activision, get the connectivity issues resolved! I have evidently been a fool to spend a lot of money on this game, and I don’t want to see my investment go down the drain.

    • Me too man. Been playing since Christmas 2014. No issues up until Monday Feb 16th. Only been able to connect once or twice since and it kicks me out after a few minutes.

  4. I have spent money on the game also, and I am really upset about this. I was saving gold for a huge upgrade to my base and I am sure most of it has been jacked by now, therefore losing all the progress I had made towards a level 6 command center. Which you know leads to a lot of available upgrades. Really pissed.

  5. Went through the terrible 2 day upgrades, twice since I downloaded the CoD: Heros app.
    Feb. I lost it all and had to start over at level. 1
    Now March 21st, I go to see if my builder was finished and a black screen after the Activision intro fades out.
    Today March 23rd, still no game and I’m sure my resource reserves have been deplenished, or I am back down to a level 1, after making it to level 39, from the last busted rank, from the upgrade.

  6. Regarding the network error “Please check the network connection. A network connection is required to play the game. tap to retry.” I have to say that for me is solved when I connect to a wi-fi. Today I encountered another network error. The same as dylan. It says “data error 0., cmd:0, code: 401” it shows up when I collect the gold or the oil and the game restarts. Has Anyone else encountered the same problem? And how is it solved?

  7. I too have a same problem… When ever I play survival mode and reach to x wave… My game crashes suddenly and I won’t be able to complete my wave ….. And when ever is attack it crashes . I have tried many things like uninstalling game deleting chache and etc… But it’s not working.. I am notable to move forward in survival mode so I need the solution for this error.. Fast fast……

  8. It still has this error message. Could just be because of my jailbroken phone. But it’s a sever based game so not to sure what the issue is. Hope they fix it soon

  9. So I’m assuming activision just never bothered addressing this issue as it’s now several years later and still same network fault!!! Shame on you!!!!!


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