Well, a game that many of us weren’t expecting to see anytime soon is finally upon us: Activision’s take on Clash of Clans with their most popular franchise ever, Call of Duty. The recently released Call of Duty Heroes brings some new concepts to this overcrowded genre and hopefully ones that will keep us playing more and more. We’re here to share with you a set of Call of Duty Heroes cheats and tips: a complete strategy guide to help you progress faster and get the most of this wonderful title.

So if you got stuck, or your progress is not as fast as you’d like it to be, check out our Call of Duty: Heroes tips and cheats below and you’ll get your base running in no time!

We’ll start with some general tips and tricks for CoD: Heroes

– Focus on upgrading your mines first, the ones producing oil being your main priority since you’ll use oil a lot and you’ll see you’ll always run out of it.
– Build up your barracks and deployment yards and upgrade them to the maximum level, so you can always send the best troops in battle.
– Join an alliance as soon as possible. You ca request troops and send troops to your allies – including heroes – which gives you an extra edge in battle.
– Don’t hurry production and save your Celerium to have three workers. You can get them for free quickly by completing the missions and unlocking some of the achievements. With three workers, you’ll build up your base a lot faster
– Log in daily and play multiple times per day to get the bonus. Collect as soon as you start playing, then do whatever you have to do on your base and before you log out, you’ll be able to collect the second bonus too. Remember to check back regularly for the other bonuses!
– Remove trees constantly, as they will grow rapidly and interfere with your expansion plans. You can also earn some free Celerium from removing them.

General Call of Duty Heroes Attack Tips

There are multiple strategies that can work when it comes to attacking in the game, and it all depends on what you want to achieve: farm for resources or increase your Reputation Points and become a top player on the leaderboards. If you want resources, things are pretty easy:

– Only have a few Juggernauts and the rest – snipers. Send the Juggernauts first to draw fire, then the quick Snipers to get your resources. You don’t care about getting as many stars as possible, but getting resources, and this is how you get it.
– Never use your Hero’s special abilities, you’d just be wasting precious points!
– For this strategy to work perfectly, you have to keep your ranking low. So make sure that you go on a losing spree every now and then to keep that ranking under control: simply send one troop in battle and retreat to lose the fight. You will get a ranking penalty, which will result in you getting more accessible bases to farm on.
– Always send in as few troops as possible, to maximize your profits and to allow you to attack as often as possible.

If you don’t care about resources that much, but you want to climb up the leaderboards, things are a bit more difficult:

– Upgrade your troops to maximum levels and only send in the best possible ones. Infantry is a good option as they are cheap and pretty useful and in many occasions, they can even shot over the walls. Juggernauts are the best to start with and they will be the main attack power for you.
– Send your Hero into battle to take out the towers. It’s pretty easy to control the hero, but make sure that you send him in after the troops, to protect him as much as possible.
– Be in an active alliance – one that always sends you good troops when you need them. Use those troops to get an advantage in difficult battles
– Use your Hero’s special abilities. The Helicopter is not only really fun, but also extremely useful. Focus on taking out the hard to reach defensive towers and you’ll get a huge advantage in any battle.
– Focus on abandoned bases. You can easily spot them from the overgrown trees and the multitude of dog tags that will flood the base. It’s good to go for such bases because their hidden defenses (mines and such) are not in place, and you risk less when sending your troops in. Plus nobody’s going to seek revenge!

Call of Duty Heroes base defense tips

– Build up your base defending the most important structures: Command Center (if you really care about Ranking points) and resource buildings. I would recommend to have your silos and resource producing buildings packed behind walls, together with all the defensive buildings that you have. I would leave the Command Center outside, to enter quickly in protection after a player takes it out for points (and therefore you save the resources).

– Leave a space between the wall and your structures, in order to buy yourself sometime. If you do this, the troops will most likely spend some extra time taking out the wall and not shooting over it.

– Place all buildings that are not important (research lab, barracks and so on) as decoys outside your main area. Also leave spaces between them to spread the base as much as possible and have your enemy need as much time as possible to take all your structures out.

– Look at the bases of the best players out there and create similar designs. Remember, however, that the more active you are, the better you will do at this game, and it doesn’t matter that much to have a perfect defense, but a perfect offense.

These are for now our Call of Duty Heroes tips and tricks to help you get the most out of this game. If you have any extra suggestions, let us know by commenting below!


  1. I have any way dropping like paratroopers ,what’s up with that?also, I have high price machinery left over after a battle and they are not return to me at the end of the battle, let me leave some of my men deployment area, But what about the equipment, then I got to spend money again only quipment that I should have not lost in the first place.


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