Calculords Tips And Tricks (iOS)


Calculords is one of the most unique games released on the App Store in recent times, a game that combines elements from several different genres to create a unique and engaging mix. We are here to share with you some Calculords tips and tricks.

Calculords is a game where maths are central, since gamers will have to calculate precise values in order to activate the different skills available on each card. Since everything is turn based, the experience is also suited for those who may not be quick with numbers. Still, knowing your way around maths is a definite plus.

If you’re having problems with the game and want to learn more about its unique mechanics, you’ve come to right place. Here are some Calculords tips and tricks that will help you with the game.

  • Lanes

The only way to win in Calculords is by reaching and destroying the enemy headquarter. To do so, you will only have to reach it through one of the three available lanes. For this reason it’s good to not spread your forces on the three lanes and just focus on a single one. If you can overpower the enemies, you will reach the headquarter before they are able to reach yours.

  • Grinding

Calculords is a really though game, not only for its gameplay mechanics but also because it really is challenging. Don’t hesitate to grind if you cannot complete a mission, as leveling up will allow you to improve your cards and their stats. The way the game is built, there’s simply no way to defeat a boss if your stats are not up to par.

  • Multiple Copies Of Units

One of the most useful cards in the game are the ones that allow you to create two copies of the same units. Unfortunately these units usually have very low health and are not suited for defending lanes. It’s better to use them right behind a more sturdy unit, so that they can help them overpower the enemies on a single lane.

  • Pushers

Pushers are units that are good in both offense and defense. Make sure to use them in lanes that require defending, as these units can slow the enemy progress quite a bit, thanks to their superior health.

  • Bikers And High Speed Units

The units with great mobility can be used in a few useful ways. The best way to use them to achieve a quick victory is to get them on lanes that are lightly defended. Make sure to get all or most of the enemy units on a single lane to unleash them in the others. By doing this, you will be able to reach the enemy headquarters really quickly.

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Calculords Tips And Tricks (iOS)


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