Imagine you started up your favorite 2D platforming game. You run, you jump, you collect shiny things, all that good stuff that you know and love. But, what if you controlled the game a little different? What if the controls were a PART of the game?

No More Buttons is an inventive puzzle platforming game where the buttons are a part of the environment. This means that there are no static placeholder buttons always floating on your screen, as they’ve been implemented into the level design itself. It’s a clever and unique twist on the puzzle platformer genre.

No More Buttons utilizes a hand-drawn art style that emphasizes simple yet effective shapes. It ends up being a cute and charming style, with lots of squiggly lines and expressive shapes.

Aiming to create a fully immersive experience, No More Buttons not only implements standard game controls as an actual mechanic, but the whole world is designed in a way to seamlessly flow without any interruptions.

The story of No More Buttons is pretty interesting as well. With a sort of meta commentary on how games nowadays are controlled, expect to see some surprising twists here and there.

No More Buttons is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


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