Burrito Bison is finally here for mobile platforms! Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is a stylized short runner. You’ll power slam gummies as you soar through the skies trying to see how far you can get. Utilize a variety of upgrades and power ups to get the upper hand and launch like no bison has before! We’ll help you take down all the gummies with our Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go for the critical hits!

Each opponent that you face in the ring has a moment where they are especially vulnerable to attack. Launching yourself at them during this moment will result in a critical hit, dealing more damage to them than usual. Your opponents are a bunch of cocky loudmouths, so the opportunity to hit ’em hard is usually fairly obvious.

For example, the first opponent you get is Harry Bow-Tie, equipped with a megaphone! During the start of a level, every couple of seconds he’ll start yelling through his megaphone. That’s your cue! Bernerds will actively point and laugh at you, so show him what for! Beaster Bunny is a little more tricky, as he’ll hop up periodically and flex. While he’s flexing, get ’em!

Additionally, if you have the Taco Paparazzi power up active, they’ll make your opponent frozen in their vulnerable state.

2. Don’t worry about which upgrade to get!

You’ve probably noticed that you gain a purple star every time you purchase an upgrade. Once you’ve hit twenty purple stars, you’ll unlock the free 3-hour pinata. Just about every upgrade in the game is helpful in some way, so don’t spend too much time deciding what you want to get next. The most important thing is that you’re constantly earning purple stars. For every set of purple stars you complete, you’ll make the pinata rewards better.

3. Use your rocket slam to save your speed!

The most important thing when playing Burrito Bison is to keep your momentum. Squashing gummies keeps you going, but slightly lowers your speed. Bouncing straight off the ground will greatly reduce your speed, so try to avoid doing so when possible. Keep at least one charge of your rocket slam in case of emergencies like this. Rocket slamming into the ground will preserve your speed.

4. Stay in the skies!

This is hard to do at the beginning of the game without a couple of upgrades, but if you can, try to stay in the sky as long as you can. Going off of tip number 3, rocket slamming actually also preserves most of your height. If you rocket slam from high above, you’ll bounce back up pretty high. The best way to stay in the sky is to keep an eye out for the gummies with bombs and Teddy Flare, the rocket gummies. These guys usually hang around pretty close to the ground so they’re easy to reach. Once you’re in the air, just hope you get lucky (this is what the luck upgrade is good for!) with the air gummies spawning in your way.

5. Watch a couple of advertisements!

The start of Launcha Libre is a little bit slow. Even with the Pickpocket upgrade, you’ll be barely earning enough coins for upgrades. Whenever you find a pinata, we think it’s worth it to watch the 30-second advertisement to open it. The pinatas early on contain a lot of coins and the helpful temporary power ups. Once you buy enough upgrades to unlock the 3-hour free pinata, things speed up a bit. It’s just the beginning uphill obstacle that takes a while.

That’s all for Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


  1. Hi! Thank you for this guide, I was searching everywhere for Beaster Bunny Crit HEHE. And hopefully found it here. So here’s my exchange :

    For Villaina Ice Crit, he teleports right? Everytime before he teleports, he laugh. That’s your cue, the laugh before he teleports :D It’s a bit tricky because he always change spot. But you’ll get a hang of it. Happy Launching! ^^,

  2. Change the time in your phone and speed up the 3 hour pinata thing.. just change the time and you will keep getting the pinata, do this as many times as desired and boom, you’ll have millions of money in no time, faster than any other way thar is :) good luck my burito bison companions lol


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