Burger Star has been launched as a game for kids, but adults seem to have just as much fun playing this great looking game with colorful graphics and great minigames for us to beat. I am here to share with you a set of Burger Star cheats and tips that will help you get the most out of the game and have a great deal of fun while playing.

There are a ton of miniames in Burger Star, so we’ll go with some generic tips and tricks that will help you out with all of them. So check them out and have fun playing this great game!


1. Get three stars in all stages
Play each level until you get the three star rating, or if it is a really, really difficult level, until you get at least two stars. You need as many stars as possible to unlock new levels, so make sure that you get them!

2. Don’t hit the bombs
When you are playing the levels where bombs appear, make sure you don’t hit them. It’s best to just take your time and perform the tasks by making sure that you avoid the bombs.

3. Learn the patterns
Every level has a particular pattern and a type of action that you have to perform. Learn the patterns and learn to do them as fast as possible (such as the tapping when wrapping the burgers, the sequences for the eating contests etc).

4. The cleaning levels
These are the most difficult levels to beat, as they require you to be extremely fast. Play the first time to learn what each tool is used for, then replay and use them in the correct order and places, as fast as possible, and hopefully you’ll get the three star rating!

5. Purchase the game
Burger Star is basically just a teaser for the full game. If you want the full experience, purchase the game (or tell your parents to do this for you). There are many other mini games that await you to master them!

Apart from that, make sure to have fun dressing up the cook as zany as you feel like and if you have any other tips and tricks, share them with us below!



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