Built for Speed is a really fun racing game for Android and iOS that charmed me from the beginning with its minimalist, retro approach. Extremely addictive and insanely fun, this is the racing game to play right now: together with your friends or alone. There are many aspects that you need to consider when it comes to winning at this game and creating a track that gets many upvotes. And we’re going to talk about that in today’s article: Built for Speed cheats and tips.

So if you’re wondering how to defeat your first boss, finish first in all races, create a perfect track and more… read on! Here are our Built for Speed tips and tricks:

1. Tracks are player-made
The game probably has some algorithms that select them based on their difficulty, but all of them are created by players. This means that some won’t be very well made, although most of those I’ve played on were actually great and some quite spectacular.

However, don’t focus on getting the gold trophy on all tracks at first. You earn a bit more when you progress from a stage to another, but if the track seems impossible to beat, just leave it as it is and proceed to the next tour.

You will still earn some LP (league progress) points and it’s usually better to leave them as it is and take the slower progress than to spend your tickets on replaying – and not being sure you’re going to succeed.

2. How to get your own name
I know this took me a while to figure out, so if you’re dealing with the same problem, here is what you have to do: tap the settings button, then in the upper left corner, tap the “Edit” button. You can change your avatar and get your nickname there. You can also connect the game with Facebook and earn 5,000 coins for it!

3. Select the right car for the track
There are different track types (asphalt, dirt, snow etc) so you should make sure that you have the best car available for that particular type of track, otherwise you won’t stand a chance against your opponents.

4. Upgrade your car or buy a new one
There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the vehicle for the race, but buying the best ones is extremely expensive. Therefore, you will start with C-grade cars and upgrade them. You can upgrade their stats up to 5 times and my personal recommendation is to stick with what you buy.

In other words, keep the Medleny GT (the car you unlock first) for your regular surfaces, then get the Lake 1000 for the dirt/snow. Upgrade each to a maximum, focusing on the Medleny first since you’ll be using it the most normally.

The car has pretty solid Handling, so I would suggest to focus on the Top Speed first, then go for Handling and Grip. Do the same with the other car, although you should alternate there between handling and top speed.

After maxing out your vehicles, wait until you have the money for the better category options (I recommend choosing Turn and Phoenix).

5. Watch ads to increase rewards when you win
Do this often and start doing it early on because that’s when you have the best chances of finishing first in Built for Speed. Therefore, you will get the biggest possible bonus. This is extremely important, as money are not easy to make.

6. Like the best tracks
This is not something advertised by the game and it’s really difficult to spot the like track button after completing the race, but don’t forget to use it! Press that button after completing a track in order to help the author of that track get some revenue for their work – and it also helps to promote that track. This means that if you like the best tracks and others do the same, the chances of playing low quality ones drop dramatically.

7. Build tracks for fame and money
You can build your own tracks and you should do so in order to earn some much needed coins, but also fame for being such a great track designer. You should also spend your tickets here to unlock at least the second slot as well.

Have in mind that once you publish the track, you won’t be able to edit it for 24 hours. During this time, it will be played more or less often, based on the results it gets from people playing it. Therefore, you should do your best to create a really challenging and fun track, while using all the main elements you can.

Try to think outside the box and create tracks that are engaging – keep an eye on the tracks you get and you enjoy playing and try to do something similar without copying the design. It won’t be easy to get a solid track from the beginning, but don’t let yourself get too disappointed! You will soon produce high quality tracks that everybody enjoys. Until then – just play and have fun!

These would be the tips and tricks I have for you right now. If you have other suggestions for fellow Built for Speed players, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section below.


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