Those little rascal kitties have escaped again, and now it’s your job to bring them back home! Meow Match is a cute and cuddly new match-3 puzzle game from Ember Entertainment, the same studio behind Bingo Cats. Meow!

Meow Match has your typical match-3 mechanics, so get ready to paw your way through hundreds of levels. Combine multiple pieces to make super pieces, use awesome boosters to get through tricky levels, and make the purrfect victory!

As you play through the puzzle levels, you’ll rescue more and more kitties. With each cat you save, you will restore a piece of a cat sanctuary. In order to restore these once beautiful sanctuaries back to their full glory, you’ll need to get ready to puzzle your way through and rescue those kitties!

If you’re feeling a little creative, you can even decorate your sanctuaries with special cat furniture. There’s a variety of decorations and furniture for you to choose from, so put on that designer cap and get to decorating. Make the sanctuary your own!

But you’re not here to build – you’re here to play with kitties! There are plenty of cats to find each with their own unique personalities. You can even dress them up in adorable little outfits! How nice!

Meow Match scratches and meows onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store today!


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